“Keeping a Streak Alive”

So…it’s Saturday and here’s the hard part — keeping focused on my day-to-day goals.  So far, so good.  I’m treating it like any other day — trying to get all my goal activity done before my husband goes to work — except he’s not going to work today (yay!).

I did that “lifestyle scale” thingy yesterday on SparkPeople and it said I was “Veering Off Track”.  I’m assuming it was because of the calories consumed yesterday.  Because I did *everything* else…we went out to the mexican restaurant last night and I’m guessing the Burrito Al Carbon is what pushed me over the edge.  But oh, it tasted divine!

Today I also did my strength training.  I am really happy that I just bit the bullet and did it, even though I really didn’t feel like it.  This is the type of determination that I have been missing for a long time.  Any day that I have it is a blessing, in my book.

OK, I didn’t do the yoga last night!!!  My 3 Day mini challenge is really proving to be a challenge for me.  I was just saying I need to do Yoga every night for 3 nights.  Maybe it’s the “night” part that is defeating me.  How about 20 minutes of yoga for 3 days (time can be variable)?  Let’s try that.

I want to walk every single day.  I really enjoy it, the endorphins are great and being outside is good for me.  I’m just not sure how I’m going to handle it when the snow starts flying.  I think I still need to be out there anyway, at least whenever I can.  However, I do have my bellydance tapes, and hoping against hope to get a treadmill someday.  I just have no money for one, so I’m looking for a free one or near free.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  It just has to be an electric one and have adjustable speeds.  It doesn’t need to have an incline or anything…I’m putting out there in the universe and hoping someday it will come back to me!!

I’ve been thinking that I would also love to have a hot tub.  I think it would be so good for my muscles.  I would settle for a new bathtub that I actually *fit* into, deep enough to fill with nice hot water.  Another thing out there in the universe…

I have a bit of housework to do, but Hubby and I need to go run some errands too.  I’ll just get done what I can.  As long as the dietary and exercise quotient is met then I feel my day has been successful.

Paid all the important bills yesterday, but to my chagrin, there’s not enough to do everything that needs done (AGAIN).  I don’t know how we’ll come up with the funds to do what needs done, but I believe in my hubby…I know he’ll come through; and I’m going to try to be as thrifty as possible in the next couple of weeks so maybe we’ll skirt through.

I slept great last night… ;-D  My hubby apparently wanted to help me be more relaxed…thank you thank you thank you Hubby!!!

Today’s Inspirational Muse Brought To You By:

I Want Her — Keith Sweat
I Know There’s Something Going On – Frida
We’re In This Love Together — Al Jarreau (Yay)
Rock Me Amadeus — Falco
Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) – Eamon (nice title, huh?)
Rock The Casbah – The Clash!!! (Rock the cash bar!)

Ok, Ok!!!

Geez–I’ve been referred to as Miz Thang…and impressed upon to write an update.  OK! Ok!!!  LOL

What is up with me.  Hmm…It’s 07/07/07.  I hope today is lucky for someone.

I have been laying low the last few days.  I am in that “psycho pocket” of days before my period so trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings or get mine hurt too badly.  Basically just been concentrating on getting through the days because I am definitely in a slump, probably because of “the hormonees”.  The Prozac I started taking, “that no work” for “the hormonees” (I’m pulling an Aunt Voola there…)

We are so unbelievably broke, which is the norm these days.  Hubby worked a crapload of overtime over the last pay period.  We get our paystub on Thursday and find that he was paid for a straight 80 — that’s 2 40 hour weeks — so he is missing 22 hours of overtime, 5 days of travel expense pay, and a 10% wage differential for working night shift.  It adds up to about $1450 of much needed fundage.  We will probably not get it until the next paycheck.  This is bad — he did that overtime for a reason — we have bills that need paid and we are supposed to be leaving for Tennessee on Thursday for 6 days; and also leaving the kids with my mom and sister for a few days after that — need to leave some money for them too.

Hubby’s boss is going to bat for him and trying to get them to cut an off cycle check…this is very rare and I think it’s probably not going to happen.  The boss says he would be willing to give us the money and then we could pay him back when we do get the money from the company.  I am not all that comfortable with that.  My sister said not to do that, to let her give us the money, but I don’t think she realizes its $1400.  LOL.  We may just borrow the money for traveling from her.  The bills are just going to have to wait.  All we have money for right now is our house payment and food and gas.  Nice, huh?  We just are behind and I wanted to catch up before things got bad.  Oh well.  This is going to be the story of our life until Lola is in school and I can work again, full time.  I love this country and how hard it is for a family to make it on one income.  Capitalist Prick Bastards.  My husband actually makes a respectable wage, it’s just so damned expensive to LIVE.  We could make it just fine, but we don’t want to live so damned frugal that the kids miss out on stuff.  If we had more discipline I’m sure we wouldn’t be having these problems.  We were doing ok before I got all down after Lola was born.  Hubby has passed on a lot of overtime over the last couple of years because I just needed him to come home and relieve me from the kids, etc. because I was feeling so horrible. 

I have also overspent many, many times out of depression or on a manic spree.  He has been so patient with me.  His argument is what I consider a “manic spending spree” is the normal lady’s “just picked up a few things at the store”.  I know that I feel like if I spend $75 on myself or the kids that wasn’t planned I beat myself up about it.  MY thing is that we don’t HAVE $75 extra to spend, I shouldn’t have spent it on stuff for me…I have enough clothes, I have shoes, there is no reason for me to buy anything new.  The kids often have enough too…Lola is constantly growing so I do need things for her but I overspend when I do go and get her things.  I can go to Barnes & Noble with the kids and spend $60 easily.  I know, go to the library…right?  I do…sometimes we collect a book series, etc., and I buy them…oh well, I suck…I already know.

The weather has been beautiful, but I haven’t been going out much.  Which is really sad because Lola should be outside more.  I’m just low energy and chasing her wears me out.  She always wants to go on Princess’s trampoline (aka “the bing-a-bing”) and it is horrible for my back and joints.  I do go out there some, but not as much as SHE wants to!

Other than that, I am really looking forward to going to Tennessee and being with my family for a few days.  All the Harry Potter fans in the family will be trekking down to Nashville (4 hour drive) to see the new movie in the IMAX 3D.  I am geeked about that.  We are going to go out on the jetskis, and do a few other things like that.  I am really looking forward to it.  My sister, niece and I will work on plans for the niece’s wedding shower and wedding.  I’m the maid of honor so I have a lot of things I need to be doing for this.

Then, we will be coming home on Tuesday the 17th and will be child free (!!!) until the following weekend — the weekend that Deathly Hallows comes out.  I am kind of hoping that Hubby will drive down to meet my sister in Cincinnati and get the kids on his own so I can read my book in peace.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  🙂  But I am also going to enjoy having Hubby to myself for what, 4 or 5 whole days?  We haven’t had more than 6 or so hours alone in YEARS!!!  😛  Surprisingly, although I am looking forward to making love a WHOLE bunch, the things I’m really looking forward to are playing cards, going out wherever we want to go, talking about whatever we want, watching the TV and whatever we want on it, going on walks, candlelit dinners, etc.  But the playing cards I’m really geeked about.  Can’t do that with a little toddler crawling all over you and the table…and once she goes to bed we’re too tired to play cards.  So it will be nice.  I love games.

Anyway…the highlight of the whole 4 or 5 days alone will be him going with me to Walmart in the middle of the night to get Deathly Hallows.  I won’t have to go alone because we can’t leave the kids unsupervised — we can go together and not worry!!  I’m sure this is exactly what he is looking forward to the most (yeah, right).

Deathly Hallows looms hugely in my conscious mind and I really don’t have a lot of other subjects that I want to think about.  I have been waiting a long time for this book and can’t seem to concentrate on anything.  I’m rereading the books AGAIN — I’m almost finished with Goblet of Fire…I want to be able to pick up DH and seamlessly pick up the thread of the story…I am going to really savor this.  I’m going to stock up on my favorite snacks, make a cozy little nest on my bed and only get up to go to the bathroom or take a shower!!!  YAY no kids to distract me — ah the heaven!!!

So that is all that is going on.  Nothing major…I’m sure you’re bored to death.  But YOU asked for it — you know who you are.


Some old entries you might like

I am transferring older journal entries over to here from Diaryland.  I came across a few I wrote back in the Spring of 2004 that I thought people might enjoy.  Some of them are kind of sad, some of them are funny, and some of them I think are a good insight to me as a person.  So here they are.

2/27/04 – A letter to Hobbes

3/24/04 – Steamy Dreams!

3/25/04 – Are You Bona Fide? (This one is funny, at least to me)

3/29/04 – Vanity or Truth

I may link some other ones at a later date.


It’s Tuesday, I have a messy kitchen and I need to balance the old checkbook.

I’ll consider myself incredible if I muster up the energy or motivation to do both today.

Let’s see what else.

Princess is grounded.  Long story, don’t feel like telling it. 

Princess broke her finger yesterday in gym.  Not related to being grounded.

I’m back up to 185 lbs. 

We’re $100 in the negative in our bank account, $60 of which are NSF fees for the $40 into the red that our bank account went.  But at least the items were paid. But I had worked hard to get us to where this wasn’t happening.  I think Hubby and I need separate accounts.

Lola is doing great, talking more and more every day.  One of the child milestones book I have says she should have a vocabulary of 50 words by her age.  I’d say she has 6 times that amount, at least.  She has been testing and throwing tantrums, etc., but I’m handling it.

My husband and I haven’t made love in at least 3 weeks.  We’ve been staying up too late doing stupid things and by the time we go to bed, we’re too tired.  This has to change.  Last night, we were spooning for hours and I think we both wanted to make love, but neither of us had the energy to take it the next step.  And I seriously felt so attracted to him yesterday, he looked so handsome and I wanted him so badly.  I bet if I had just made some move to take it a step further, we’d have been moving past the exhaustion and makin’ sweet luuuvvv…but tonight I intend that it will happen. I plan on dressing to seduce…

It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here today.  And it’s sunny.  I am very grumpy (been without my meds for 5 days, only just got my prescription last night, thanks to my mom sending me some money), and I think I need to get leveled out on the meds and I’ll feel better.  Until then, I’m thinking some sunlight will increase my wellbeing.  So I should get off here and get my kitchen clean and take my little one out to scamper around.

There’s a lot more but I can’t seem to unlock the floodgates to tell you about it.


MY HOME BUSINESS – My First Show!!!

Yay! As you know, I started a new business, I am selling products that enhance romance and pamper women from head to toe. I’m not allowed to link to the company or anything on a personal web site otherwise I’d tell you the name of the company.

So – My first show is over, and my net profit after all my expenses was $80. That’s not a lot, but this particular party was a bachelorette party, and they rarely have good sales at bachelorette parties (which I find weird). Also, these girls at the party were all between the ages of 18-22. 15 girls came — College girls, they don’t have a lot of money to spend, nor the experience and knowledge to understand how some of the items can really benefit the love life (or they don’t need them yet, LOL).

Now, if I had had 15 ladies between the ages of 25 and 60, especially in the neighborhood that I did the party in last night, I would have made $1000 easily in sales, and I would have profited $200 or $300. Or even more than that.

But I am pleased as punch that I made money in the first place, and I’m tickled pink that my first run through of my presentation went off brilliantly and the girls adored my “on stage persona”. I also feel that I educated them on a few things about sexuality (they asked lots of questions), and made them feel more confident to introduce toys into the bedroom, etc.

Not bad for a first show. It will only get better with experience!

Thanks for all the good energy everyone was sending me the last few days!


Guess what? I got a call last night from a lady that was referred to me by my mentor in the new business I’m starting. She has a bachelorette party this weekend she wants me to do. There will be at least 10, but up to 20 people! I am sooooo nervous! And I have TONS to do to get ready, so I can’t stay on here long.

Just wanted to let you know that someone must have been sending me good vibes yesterday, and I really appreciate it.

Wish me luck!!!