Ok, Ok!!!

Geez–I’ve been referred to as Miz Thang…and impressed upon to write an update.  OK! Ok!!!  LOL

What is up with me.  Hmm…It’s 07/07/07.  I hope today is lucky for someone.

I have been laying low the last few days.  I am in that “psycho pocket” of days before my period so trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings or get mine hurt too badly.  Basically just been concentrating on getting through the days because I am definitely in a slump, probably because of “the hormonees”.  The Prozac I started taking, “that no work” for “the hormonees” (I’m pulling an Aunt Voola there…)

We are so unbelievably broke, which is the norm these days.  Hubby worked a crapload of overtime over the last pay period.  We get our paystub on Thursday and find that he was paid for a straight 80 — that’s 2 40 hour weeks — so he is missing 22 hours of overtime, 5 days of travel expense pay, and a 10% wage differential for working night shift.  It adds up to about $1450 of much needed fundage.  We will probably not get it until the next paycheck.  This is bad — he did that overtime for a reason — we have bills that need paid and we are supposed to be leaving for Tennessee on Thursday for 6 days; and also leaving the kids with my mom and sister for a few days after that — need to leave some money for them too.

Hubby’s boss is going to bat for him and trying to get them to cut an off cycle check…this is very rare and I think it’s probably not going to happen.  The boss says he would be willing to give us the money and then we could pay him back when we do get the money from the company.  I am not all that comfortable with that.  My sister said not to do that, to let her give us the money, but I don’t think she realizes its $1400.  LOL.  We may just borrow the money for traveling from her.  The bills are just going to have to wait.  All we have money for right now is our house payment and food and gas.  Nice, huh?  We just are behind and I wanted to catch up before things got bad.  Oh well.  This is going to be the story of our life until Lola is in school and I can work again, full time.  I love this country and how hard it is for a family to make it on one income.  Capitalist Prick Bastards.  My husband actually makes a respectable wage, it’s just so damned expensive to LIVE.  We could make it just fine, but we don’t want to live so damned frugal that the kids miss out on stuff.  If we had more discipline I’m sure we wouldn’t be having these problems.  We were doing ok before I got all down after Lola was born.  Hubby has passed on a lot of overtime over the last couple of years because I just needed him to come home and relieve me from the kids, etc. because I was feeling so horrible. 

I have also overspent many, many times out of depression or on a manic spree.  He has been so patient with me.  His argument is what I consider a “manic spending spree” is the normal lady’s “just picked up a few things at the store”.  I know that I feel like if I spend $75 on myself or the kids that wasn’t planned I beat myself up about it.  MY thing is that we don’t HAVE $75 extra to spend, I shouldn’t have spent it on stuff for me…I have enough clothes, I have shoes, there is no reason for me to buy anything new.  The kids often have enough too…Lola is constantly growing so I do need things for her but I overspend when I do go and get her things.  I can go to Barnes & Noble with the kids and spend $60 easily.  I know, go to the library…right?  I do…sometimes we collect a book series, etc., and I buy them…oh well, I suck…I already know.

The weather has been beautiful, but I haven’t been going out much.  Which is really sad because Lola should be outside more.  I’m just low energy and chasing her wears me out.  She always wants to go on Princess’s trampoline (aka “the bing-a-bing”) and it is horrible for my back and joints.  I do go out there some, but not as much as SHE wants to!

Other than that, I am really looking forward to going to Tennessee and being with my family for a few days.  All the Harry Potter fans in the family will be trekking down to Nashville (4 hour drive) to see the new movie in the IMAX 3D.  I am geeked about that.  We are going to go out on the jetskis, and do a few other things like that.  I am really looking forward to it.  My sister, niece and I will work on plans for the niece’s wedding shower and wedding.  I’m the maid of honor so I have a lot of things I need to be doing for this.

Then, we will be coming home on Tuesday the 17th and will be child free (!!!) until the following weekend — the weekend that Deathly Hallows comes out.  I am kind of hoping that Hubby will drive down to meet my sister in Cincinnati and get the kids on his own so I can read my book in peace.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  🙂  But I am also going to enjoy having Hubby to myself for what, 4 or 5 whole days?  We haven’t had more than 6 or so hours alone in YEARS!!!  😛  Surprisingly, although I am looking forward to making love a WHOLE bunch, the things I’m really looking forward to are playing cards, going out wherever we want to go, talking about whatever we want, watching the TV and whatever we want on it, going on walks, candlelit dinners, etc.  But the playing cards I’m really geeked about.  Can’t do that with a little toddler crawling all over you and the table…and once she goes to bed we’re too tired to play cards.  So it will be nice.  I love games.

Anyway…the highlight of the whole 4 or 5 days alone will be him going with me to Walmart in the middle of the night to get Deathly Hallows.  I won’t have to go alone because we can’t leave the kids unsupervised — we can go together and not worry!!  I’m sure this is exactly what he is looking forward to the most (yeah, right).

Deathly Hallows looms hugely in my conscious mind and I really don’t have a lot of other subjects that I want to think about.  I have been waiting a long time for this book and can’t seem to concentrate on anything.  I’m rereading the books AGAIN — I’m almost finished with Goblet of Fire…I want to be able to pick up DH and seamlessly pick up the thread of the story…I am going to really savor this.  I’m going to stock up on my favorite snacks, make a cozy little nest on my bed and only get up to go to the bathroom or take a shower!!!  YAY no kids to distract me — ah the heaven!!!

So that is all that is going on.  Nothing major…I’m sure you’re bored to death.  But YOU asked for it — you know who you are.


Beautiful Artwork

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You all know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.  I have found an artist who does artwork based on Harry Potter and she is unbelievably talented.  Her medium is graphite and prismacolor colored pencils, along with a bit of india ink.

Her website is www.mudblood428.com, and this is one of my favorite pictures, but it makes me cry, because I just finished Half-Blood Prince again.

Harry, Come On...

You should go check her stuff out.  It’s really good, if you’re into Harry Potter.

Some old entries you might like

I am transferring older journal entries over to here from Diaryland.  I came across a few I wrote back in the Spring of 2004 that I thought people might enjoy.  Some of them are kind of sad, some of them are funny, and some of them I think are a good insight to me as a person.  So here they are.

2/27/04 – A letter to Hobbes

3/24/04 – Steamy Dreams!

3/25/04 – Are You Bona Fide? (This one is funny, at least to me)

3/29/04 – Vanity or Truth

I may link some other ones at a later date.

The Day Begins

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OK, I have a long day ahead of me.  I woke up with my head made up that I was going to get the following things done:

1) Clean House
2) Laundry
3) Bills

Considering the state everything is in, it will probably take me from now until bedtime, especially if I procrastinate.  However, I always find if I publish here what I have to do, I’m more motivated to do it, because then if I don’t I feel embarrassed!  LOL.

So here is my checklist for cleaning.  I wil come and update every so often and we’ll see how I do today.  If I don’t finish today, I will finish tomorrow.

1)  Dress to shoes (mom & baby)
2)  Separate laundry, start a load.
3)  Clean my bedroom
4)  Clean kitchen
5)  Load of Laundry
6)  Clean LR/DR
7)  Sweep & Mop main floor
8)  Load of Laundry
9)  Clean Upstairs Hall
10)  Clean Bathroom
11)  Sweep & Mop Upstairs
12)  Load of Laundry
13)  Work on Finances
14)  Make Updated Master To-Do List
15)  Make Menu for rest of April and for May.

My reason for doing these things today and tomorrow is that I want to get back up on my FlyLady schedule and get back on track with the money situation.  I’ve been a bit indulgent with myself, Hubby and the kids.  We have to get back on the program ASAP to keep going forward with our financial plans, we gotta get our kid’s college savings pumped up a bit more. LOL.

My hubby started working at the new location today.  Yesterday, he and I went to see 300 at the IMAX in Lansing with his friends Jack, Tim, and Dennis and Jack’s and Tim’s sons.  So I had 7 handsome dates to the movies! LOL.  There was much amusement about how much more into it than they were.  But I believe our reasons are much differed as to WHY we enjoy it.  Although I like it just as much as they do for the storyline and the fight scenes, but I have the added pleasure of ogling the men.

After we got home yesterday afternoon, we spent the rest of the evening outside with the girls.  We grilled out, just sat and watched Lola play, and then after the kids went to bed, we sat out there listening to music and holding hands, while watching the remnants of the Lyrids meteor shower.  We finally went in some time after 11:00 p.m.  We had a nice talk about our relationship and our 8 years together.  It is great to know that I am still loved, warts and all.  And I think we all know here how much I love that man.

Well, because I love him, I am determined to get back on the “good spouse” track.  Off to clean.


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Yes, it is 7:30 and I’m up.  I’ve been up since 7:00 a.m. thanks to Hubby and Lola.

It’s ok, though.  I’m in an EXCELLENT mood today.  It might have to do with the EXCELLENT night I had last night!

Well, I haven’t blogged on here much the last couple of weeks so I haven’t mentioned this, because I kind of hoped it wouldn’t go through.  Hubby is being transferred at work, up to another location near Flint.  It’s called a “forced transfer”.  He has had a couple of close calls where he was going to be transferred to Jackson and Lansing in the past, and at the last minute, he had a reprieve.  But although his boss and his boss’s boss have been working diligently to keep him here, unless something happens today (Saturday) it is doubtful it will happen before he has to report to the new place on Monday.

We have gotten over it, and he and I, as we always do, have found the positives in the situation.  He’ll be significantly up higher in the seniority list at this place, so he should probably get a more desirable schedule, and there are a couple other perks as well.  However, if I know his boss, Hubby may end up back at the home garage in just a couple of weeks.  Hubby and the other guy who got transferred, they are 2 of only 3 guys in the whole area here who know how to do fiber-optic cable repair and this whole area is one of the first in Michigan to roll out the fiber optic service.  Plus, the two of them are 2 of the 3 people who do DSL in this area too.  So now they’re down to 1 person to do fiber (and he’s never done it alone, and only once with Hubby), and 1 person to do DSL (and they were overloaded with orders for 3 people).  I have a feeling they’ll be bringing them back.  The 3rd level boss (the boss’s boss’s boss) is also campaigning to get them back too.  The reason they’re the ones being transferred is because they are the lowest on the seniority list at their current location.

Then, too, the boss, and the 3rd level boss have been helping Hubby try to achieve the ultimate transfer, to Tennessee.  And it’s been going a bit faster lately so it could be that he will only have to go to this location for a little while anyway with that going on too.

But anyway, I was just laying the background as to what we were doing last night.  The guys from work had a goodbye party for Hubby and the other guy.  We went to Cleary’s which is a local irish pub.  It was sweet, Hubby wanted me to come, and no one else’s wife was there, and it didn’t appear that they were asked to come.  So for much of the night, I was the only woman at the table.  It was quite amusing.  For a while this other woman they work with, Carrie, was there and I really like her.  We have gotten to know each other better over the last few years and there’s a lot of mutual respect there.  She’s a very nice person.  This is the first time she’s gone to a company after-work party, and it was definitely because she really thinks Hubby is awesome.  When she left, she hugged me, and said, “Take care of him, now, he’s one of the best guys I know.”

What was really nice about the night is that the guys who showed up were mainly Hubby’s buddies, and we get along great.  Hubby’s dad came for a while too and was as charming as he could be.  Hubby’s boss was there too.  I had a ball talking to Dennis, who is one of the smartest, sweetest people I have met in Michigan.  We talked about Hubby, and my family, and religion, and kids, and you name it, we discussed it.  Jack, who has been retired from the company for about 2 years, came up also.  After discussions, it has been decided that Jack, Dennis, Bat and I are driving up to Lansing to see 300 on IMAX on Sunday.  It’s going to rock!  I may have to sit separately from them so I don’t offend them with my open lusting.

Hm…Ron, another guy that Hubby works with, was there and I’m telling you, he’s so much more outgoing since his divorce.  I didn’t realize that he was so limited in social situations before.  We’re supposed to go do karaoke with him and his girlfriend in the next couple of weekends.  He apparently likes to sing karaoke. How many guys have I met that do?  Not many!

Now, a couple of the guys who came are old-timers at the company.  30-35 years in, they have been there as long as the father-in-law, and they have seen Hubby and BIL grow up.  The last time I saw them at a party, we got into it (me and the two guys) about their philosophies on what makes Hubby (and BIL to some extent) tick.  Plus there was some veiled propositioning that took place.  I got a little aggravated with them at the time.  Last night, they were there and I got to start talking to the one guy, Phil, before he had consumed a lot of alcohol and he is absolutely adorable.  We had a really deep conversation about alcoholism and his life experiences.  He’s such a nice person and I realize how much he likes Hubby.

The other guy, Jeff, was pretty nice too. 

HOWEVER…after mostly everyone left, it was just me, Hubby, Jack, Dennis, Phil, Jeff and Ron.  Jack and Dennis decided to leave so Hubby walked out to the parking lot with him so Jack could give him some soda to put in the pop machine at work.  They were out there A LONG LONG TIME…those two could put me and SIL to shame with the talking and talking and talking.  Anyway he left me alone with Ron, Jeff and Phil and Oh. My. God.  I thought I was going to die with all the commentary I was getting from them.  From the mild, “Guys, too bad you’re sitting over there, ’cause [CG] smells SOOOO GOOD!” from Ron, to “Hey, they rent rooms upstairs, [Hubby] could be out there for another 20 minutes…so that’s 10 minutes for me, 5 minutes for Ron and 5 minutes for Jeff…”

Can you believe that?  There was a lot more but here’s what I did.  I just sat there, and listened for a while without getting mad, and then…BOOM!  I laid the smack down…

Phil had said before that he was at the end of his career and just didn’t seem to learn the new technology very well, but that Hubby was the future of the company because he could do anything they roll out.  He said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…You could teach me to jump through a hoop, but that hoop would have to be only 2 feet off the ground.  But [Hubby] would be jumping through the hoop 8 feet off the ground.”  After he started hitting on me, I simply said, “Now, Phil, why would I go with someone who could only jump through a hoop 2 feet off the ground, when I have a man who can jump through the 8 foot hoop?”

And Jeff had said, when Phil was saying that stuff about him getting 10 minutes and the other guys getting 5…he said, “You’re flattering me, I don’t even need 5 minutes…I only need 1!!” and so I said to him, “I don’t even need to say anything about that…The answer was in the question…why would I go with someone who admittedly can only last 1 minute?”

Ron was falling out of his chair, and the two of them just sat there looking like they’d been hit with a 2×4.  I don’t think they’re used to being put in their place by a woman.  And I don’t think they were expecting it from Hubby’s woman…I think the reason they even go there with me is because they think Hubby won’t step up and say anything.  But he doesn’t have to, I can take care of myself.

When Hubby finally came back in, Jeff said, “Now [Hubby], [CG] hasn’t been very nice to us while you were gone!  She put us in our place!!!” and Phil said, “[Hubby], I think I’ve met my match here.  I think we’re going home with our tails between our legs.”  and Hubby just said, “If you guys had asked me, I could have warned you that you don’t want to get into a battle of wits with *my* wife…she’ll take you to the cleaners and you won’t even realize what happened until you get home later.  Even *I* know better than to start something like that with her!”  It was really funny.  We left there all in high spirits and I think I earned a little respect for me AND for my hubby from these guys. 

Hubby was so happy after we left there last night, I’m so glad those guys came to his party and that all his really good buddies from work were there.  It was nice to see that side of his life, and how much these guys think of him.  It always shows me another dimension of this man I already think is the best guy in the world. 

We came home to our kids and Tay and her brother, it was about 11:30 when we got home.  They went downstairs, and my man took me to bed.  And we spent a little time showing each other that our biggest fan was the other.  🙂  And you know what?  My husband likes me.  He really likes me!  I’m probably one of the luckiest women ever.

Today, I have to take Tay and Princess to the store to find them matching shirts for the talent show next Friday.  Then they are going with Tay’s cousin to JoAnn Fabric to buy some fabric to sew on the shirts and their capris.  It’s going to be really cute, I think.  They are singing a duet — “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by John Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles.  Princess is also going to sing “Over My Head (Cable Car)” by The Fray.  Tay is singing “Call Me When You’re Sober” by Evanescence.

Later today, if the weather stays nice, I will take my little one to the park.  I love my baby so much.  I can’t believe how fast the time is going and how she is growing.  I can’t believe that in less than a year and a half, my Princess will be in high school.  All the kids are getting so big–my 2, and all my other nieces and nephews.  Next thing you know, I’ll be blogging about college graduations, weddings, grandchildren.  I swear, it seems to be going that fast! 

I forgot to mention that when I was down visiting my Mom, my brother burned me like 10 CD’s of songs for my mp3 collection.  I’m rocking out with the Commodores, Lionel Richie solo, Beach Boys, Billy Joel, everything America or Bread every recorded, some good Eric Clapton tunes, a pretty decent crop of Conway Twitty, Cream, Crosby Stills Nash Young.  I got everything the Eagles have done (including The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks!! a B Side Legend!).  And Oh!  Fleetwood Mac heaven. Genesis, Guns N Roses, Hank Williams Sr. and Jr., Queen, and Jeez, much more.  

AND I just downloaded a bunch of Robert Palmer off of iTunes…I miss him more than you could know.  He was amazing.  Total bad ass.  And sexy as hell. 

So I’m listening to my tunes, waiting for the kids to get up, and watching my stinky Lola.  Speaking of stinky, I gotta go address the situation with her.

Take care, ya’ll!


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Start of a new week

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The downside to adding your daughter and some of her friends onto your MySpeece account is that you have to censor your blogs!  I didn’t think that through.  😛

My little visit from Kitty was very nice.  We didn’t do a whole lot of exciting stuff really.  We went to Princess’s play, which was very good!  She did a great job, as did TayTay.  We went to the store for snacks and she bought a few of the skin products we determined were good for her skin through that new book I bought.  Then we got home around 9:00 and just up and decided to go out and see 300 that night.  Hubby was very gracious to watch the baby so we could go together.  A girl’s night!! 

We went to the 300 showing at 10:00 p.m.  We were 2 of 6 people that were in the theater.  We were the only women.  It’s probably good that none of the guys were sitting near us as we were openly commenting on the men’s deliciousness.  At one point the words “So hot…want to touch the heiny…” were uttered (that’s from Billy Madison…remember?).  But I was really surprised that Kitty really liked the storyline because she USED to be totally yucked out by battle scenes.  Time (and this media) does desensitize people.  She walked out totally obsessed as well, and planning her next trip to the theater to watch it again.

This really has nothing to do with the weekend, but I have to say I’m fast becoming obsessed with 300, and King Leonidas in particular.  The thing is, Gerard Butler, who plays Leonidas is not all that and a bag of chips if you see him on a regular day.  There is just *something* about the role of Leonidas, the portrayal, his dialogue, and the way they did him up for the role.  I normally don’t go for beards but he just looked unbelievable.  I love his teeth — he seems to be baring his teeth when he’s fighting and talking to his troops.  And the scottish accent helps a lot…I don’t care that it is incongruent to the story.  😀

But back to the weekend.  Friday morning, we all went to breakfast, and then Hubby took Lola and ran around while Kit and I went shopping.  We went to CVS first so I could get some hair color, and Kit bought a few more skin care items.  Then we went to the new shopping center and walked around.  We didn’t buy much except at Deb, I bought some really cute kimono style tops and an awesome pair of glittery jeans.

Then, we stopped at the nail place and I got acrylic nails put back on.  We had a great time chatting with my nail guy.  Asian, which of course seems to be the phenomenon at the smaller nail salons; he is really into oriental astrology and palm reading.  It was really cool, after we talked with him a bit, without revealing our birth years or anything he knew what our chinese zodiac sign was, and when we confirmed the year of birth, he told us things that were very particular about us. Then he read our palms.  It was kind of uncanny, but of course you have to take those things with a grain of salt.  Have I ever mentioned that I love my nail tech and my nail salon?  Talk about pampering!  And for a great price.

After that, we went home and hung out getting ready for the night out.  I colored my hair, we both fixed ourselves up pretty.  We didn’t dress up that much; Kitty wore a pair of corduroy capris (adorable), and I wore one of my new kimono tops and the glittery jeans.  My hair color looked really nice, but I seemed to put too much anti-frizz product in my hair so it was limp and wet looking even when it was dry.  So I brushed it straight back and wore a hair band, so it looked kind of cool anyway.

We went to Benihana’s for dinner.  Lola was challenging, but not as bad as usual.  She actually ate the onion soup and chicken fried rice with gusto.  Kit and I observed the married couple at the other side of our table arguing.  The man was “all up in her grill”, he seemed really possessive and kind of abusive-creepy vibes rolling off him.  He made her give him her cell phone and he checked all her incoming/outcoming calls.  She told him that he had been staring at the girl next to him since we sat down for dinner…and that girl WAS MY 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!  I was horrified.  Princess was very uncomfortable sitting next to them fighting like that.  The woman ended up leaving him!!  He finally figured it out and paid his bill and left.  Crazy, huh?

After dinner, we went and rented a couple of ovies for the girls, and then Hubby, Kit and I went to the local pub for karaoke.  Oh my, can you say INSANITY ON ICE???

The freaks were out in full force!!! 

Highlights:  I’m holding hands with my hubby over the table, he’s rubbing his thumb against my palm.  A big guy with a walrus mustache and no front teeth came over and asked me if my man was a palmist in a kind of condescending way (I have a really hard time with walrus-mustachioed toothless men that are condescending), “Is your man a palmist?”  So I just smiled and said, “No, hon, he’s an eroticist.”

The Raisin, a woman I might have mentioned here before, was there also.  Her desperate behavior was really hard to watch.  She would actually be somewhat attractive if she didn’t apply the makeup with a trowel.  She is very tan, leathery from the tanning booth.  She wears black eyeshadow with gold sparkles overlaid on it, and it goes up to the eyebrows, and sometimes PAST the eyebrows.  Peroxide blonde hair with roots showing.  The first time we saw her she had a really, really short skirt and cowboy boots (this can be cute sometimes, but not that night).  My man was one of the victims of her attentions the first night we saw her, and then last night she decided to lean over between me and Hubby on the table and sing the line of the song that was playing about needing a man.  Hubby looked nauseous which was amusing anyway.  I just looked at her with a face I usually save for the most freakish displays and Kit just shook her head and leaned toward her and went, “You poor thing…bless your heart.”  She got up and danced away.  I counted 6 guys she kissed, some of them had women standing right there with them.

If she had kissed MY man, she would have found herself kissing the floor.

A girl with long red hair and a sleeveless plaid shirt (a la Larry the Cable Guy) decided that she liked me A LOT.  She was out on the dance floor dancing by herself and I made the mistake of making eye contact with her.  She grabbed my hand and pulled me out to dance with her (hand holding dancing!).  I just kind of joked around and said, “This is great!  My hubby NEVER dances with me!” (which is not true but I was just babbling because I couldn’t believe I was dancing with a woman who wanted to wed and bed me).  After the song is over I retreated to my seat.  She bowed to me, kissed my hand, and apparently, while I was making faces at Kit who was laughing at me, she hissed, “Dance with her, motherfucker!” to Hubby!!!!

Hubby was none too pleased.  But I explained it was my fault for telling her he didn’t dance with me. 

Let’s see…what else.  There was this woman who was there, she was not the most svelte person in the bar, but she may well have been the most drunk.  She was wearing a tight pair of sweat pants with a t-shirt tucked in…I can hear the gasps of horror from you all.  She was very drunk and hung out a lot with red-head lesbian.  She eventually pulled the drawstring out of her sweat pants (they wouldn’t have fallen off her ass anyway they were so tight) and tried to tie her hair back with it.  She ended up only getting one side of it tied up and it was pointing askew from the side of her head.  Very amusing.

And really there were many more you would have been amused to hear about, but I am running out of steam to type it all out.

One thing that was very amusing is that Hubby got a bit hammered.  That doesn’t happen very often.  And it was very fun to watch.  Kit and I had a great time, just carrying on like we do and I sang 3 songs.  After we got home and we put Kit to bed in Princess’s room, my drunk husband’s inhibitions being way compromised, I took shameful advantage of him.  Much fun was had by all. 😉

Saturday morning, Kit had to leave.  We were both very sad.  But we’ll see her this next weekend when we stop for the night on the way to TN for spring break.  She may actually drive down to TN with us to stay a night and visit with everyone.  But with her schedule I’ll believe it when it actually happens!!

OK, I have really been going for a while.  I started writing this at 8:40 and now it’s 9:11.  I need to go because I have a ton of things to do today. 

See ya later!


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Back on track?

Well, it’s Monday again.  Last Monday, I was thrilled to see that I had lost 10 lbs.  I had a lot of hope to continue to make changes and lose weight.

Then, that night, I started throwing up and ended up sick for 3 days.  On Wednesday, after the vomiting seemed to be behind me, I allowed myself to have my 5-day soda.  That led to me having soda every day since then.  The first couple of days, I had one.  Then I had two. Yesterday, I had two at home, and one at dinner, and one at the movies.  But I cannot deny the benefits of not drinking soda.  I saw them quickly after I quit.  So today, I’m back on the wagon again.  I had a backslide.  It happens, I’m not going to beat myself up for it. 

Luckily, when I weighed myself this morning, I am still at 180.  I can continue my progress and I didn’t mess up too bad.  Please note the box to the left where I’m going to track my weight.  My new weight loss goal is 10 lbs.  I am giving myself until April 16 to try to reach it.  That’s 5 weeks.  Hopefully I can!  If not, I will extend my goal date and try again.

Another thing I have been slipping on is my FlyLady routines, and my money management.  But hopefully I didn’t do too much damage with the finances.  I’ll be facing that later today. 

I just wanted to get on here and tell the truth about what I did this past week and slipping up on everything I am trying to accomplish.  But I’m trying not to be too rigid with myself, because I know that doing that always sabotages what I’m trying to do.  After I’m finished with this entry, I’m putting on my mp3 player and going to town around this house.  I’m going to do 15-minute room rescues.  I’m going to set the timer for 15 minutes and work in one room, then 15 minutes in the next, and so on and so forth.  Then I’ll do another circuit if it is needed.

I’m going to balance my checkbook, too.

If I have time, I will continue to work at Lola’s room.  I just need to do a couple of things that I’ve been putting off, and the rest of it will fall into place easily.  It’s just those two things involve going in and out of the house carrying stuff, and I’m not too keen on carrying stuff up and down steps.  But I guess it would probably do me some good.

Although I was cheating royally on my dietary changes, I still had a blast this weekend.  Saturday with my husband was awesome.  And yesterday, when he and Princess got home after work and her mom’s visitation, he and I went to the movies again and saw 300 again, and got to see the last 5 minutes (ha).  It was really better the second time because I saw a lot of things I missed the first time because I knew what the story was going to be.  It was really good.  What was the best, though, was just sitting next to my husband and holding his hand. 

Not to jinx it, but Lola has been acting really good lately.  She’s been going to bed of her own accord for weeks.  Sometimes, when we put her in the crib she starts crying, but after we close the door, she usually stops right away.  Last night was not so good.  She was having a fit in her room, and I finally gave up and went and got her, and took her in my room and laid down with her.  She cried for a long time after we laid down together.  Something was bothering her, like she was in pain or something but I couldn’t figure out what.  Finally, I got her comforted and she fell asleep.  I got up and got my PJ’s on, and Daddy took Lola up to her bed.  Around 4 a.m. she woke up and was crying hysterically.  We brought her back down with us and it took a while to calm her down again.  She kept saying “ow” and I couldn’t figure out what was hurting her, again.  Maybe her tummy was hurting.  I kept thinking, maybe she is getting an earache.  She kept waking up on and off all night long, crying. 

This morning, she woke up in a great mood and does not seem to be having any problems.  It’s a mystery.

But aside from last night, she’s been sleeping really well.  Remember how I was saying that she would not let me brush her teeth and I had to basically hold her in a death grip to get in there?  Now, she is letting me brush her teeth with the spin brush, willingly.  She was scared of the brush for the longest time.  But I really felt I needed to use it because of the limited time I had to get those teeth cleaned before she full out clamped her mouth shut.  I was lucky if I could get her teeth brushed once a day without help.  Now, she willingly asks for “tickletickletickle teef”.  Now, I can keep her little teeth pearly white like they should be.  This pleases me to no end.  She stands still and lets me put her hair in a pigtail so now she doesn’t walk around looking like Young Einstein (at least not ALL the time–it’s cute so I don’t want to eliminate it entirely!)  She is very calm and lets me wash and rinse her hair without panicking, and stands up in the tub when I ask her to so I can wash her body. 

She also listens to most of the things I ask her to do during the day.  She is eating more willingly at lunch because I have started putting her lunch on her little kid-size table, rather than putting her in the high chair.  I think we need to get a booster seat so she can eat at the dinner table with the family.  I just wish that she would be more open to eating different foods.  Her list of acceptable vegetables is limited, although she likes to eat salad.  I guess we could have salad with every dinner.  She likes mashed potatoes (who doesnt?).  I’m just surprised she doesn’t even want to try green beans or corn.  When I make mashed potatoes, what I’ve been doing is slicing a few green beans into really pieces and mix it in the mashed potatoes with a couple small pieces of the meat we are eating, and try to get her to eat some of that.  But I don’t want to get into a habit of making it too easy.  Right now, I can’t negotiate with her, like saying, “Eat two bites and then you can be done with your veggies.”  But when she gets bit older and our communication improves, then I will.

She is learning more and more of her alphabet.  Not in order, mind you…but she knows A, B, C, E, I, M, O, Q, and T.  She knows the colors blue and pink by sight.  Whenever you give her something, she says “Thank you.”  She is talking in near-sentences sometimes, too.  She listens to simple orders, like close the gate, close the door, put that in the box.  When I’m loading the dishwasher, I hand her the forks and spoons, etc. and she places them in the silverware holder.  Pretty cool, huh?  She’s a good girl, she is.

Princess is still on punishment, but it’s only this week to go.  She’ll survive.  She already got her C in english up to a C+, and I’d say now that she’s completed all her journal entries, she should be up to a B.  I think I will send an email to the teachers we are dealing with on this and find out if things have been improved this week.

Well, I better go now and get stuff done around here before I change my mind and opt to sack out on the couch. LOL.

Much love to you all!


I hate it when I can’t think of a title.

Sunday morning, feeling kind of weird.  I don’t know if I feel *good* or *bad*.  I guess a bit of both.  At least the main floor of the house is mostly clean.  It won’t take much effort to straighten what needs to be straightened.  I am hoping to have an opportunity to chip away at Lola’s room some more.  I need to empty out the stuff I bought for her room out of the van, where they’ve been for over a week, so I can then empty all the bags and boxes of stuff for charity into the van. 

Later tonight, after Hubby picks Princess up from her mom’s, we are going to see 300 again while Princess babysits.  Here’s the story: we went to see 300 yesterday, and the movie was excellent.  All through the movie, as I am wont to do when I really enjoy a movie, I kept whispering to Hubby, “I want to see this AGAIN in the theater!”  Then, during the last 5 minutes of the movie, which were very climactic (at least it appeared so), the power went out briefly.  It came right back on, and the film continued running, but the audio reset and we were hearing the advertisements that play before the previews.  So I got to see a Spartan going into battle, giving the pep talk, and when he opens his mouth, a woman’s voice comes out and tries to sell us cars.  LOL.  Anyway, we all mobbed the lobby and long story short, we all got a free pass.  So we plan on using it tonight so we can enjoy the entire movie again (yay) to hear the dialogue of the last 5 minutes. LOL.  I’m willing to delay the satisfaction of the movie’s end just to enjoy the entire thing again.  🙂

Yesterday was so fun.  TayTay came over and babysat Lola for us while we went to the movie.  Because of a huge traffic problem (a semi-truck accident), we were late for the showing we wanted to go to.  We called TayTay to make sure she didn’t have any plans for later in the day, and we went to lunch.  We still had some time, so we decided to go to Target and buy some of Lola’s birthday gifts.  We got her some LeapFrog Counting Maracas, a bunch of $1 Elmo items out of those bins in the front of the store (very cute Sesame Street hair scrunchies, Elmo pencils, a little Elmo comb and brush set, an Elmo figurine), the Elmo in Grouchland movie (more about this below), a cute baby doll (I want to see if she’s interested), an Elmo bath toy (he’s in a boat that chugs around), and the big item, an iDog (otherwise known as “Pup Pup” in our household).  We also got a couple of unrelated items, and our haul was only $80.  She’s going to have a lot of presents to open and really we didn’t spend as much as we normally do for kids’ birthdays. 

We then went to the movie, and when it was over and we emerged victorious with our free passes, we went back to the house, where we planned to get TayTay and take her home.  When we got there, I started thinking, this is Hubby’s only day off, we should keep going and do something with Lola.  So I asked Hubby if he wanted to go out somewhere, and he said Cabela’s (a HUGE sporting goods mega store) because of his $50 gift certificate.  So I started getting ready, and TayTay says, “I went to Cabela’s when I was 7.”  She knows me way too well, so I said, “Tay, do you want to come with us?”  She called her mom and got permission and so she went with us.  Princess will probably be a bit jealous and mad but what can you do?  I told Tay not to go on and on about it.

At Cabela’s, we explored a lot of the areas for the kids’ benefit.  Some of you might not like it because there are a lot of animals there, all of them have visited the taxidermist.  But I am not so offended, many of the animals were hunted, but there are also many that died of natural causes.  They set them up in scenes that mimic their natural environs.  The predators are often posed in attack on their natural prey.  There were mountain goats, mountain lions, racoons, ducks, buffalo, an elephant, lion, leopard, polar bear, and many others.  Lola was absolutely enthralled by seeing the animals.  They have a HUGE walk-through aquarium, and all the fish are native to this area.  Big catfish, and other fish.  Lola was so excited, yelling “Fishy!  Fishy!”  We went to the upper floor where the furniture and the camping section was, and Lola had a blast running in and out of all the tents, and she had to lay on every cot that was set up.  It was really cute.

While we were there, Hubby bought me some new winter boots, we bought Princess and Lola a stuffed animal, I bought this cool float for Lola to use in the water, and he bought a used GPS system.  He is such a kid, he’s all about that thing.  What was cool is that I have been letting him keep most of his snow plow money, and he bought the stuff for us out of his own funds instead of letting me spend our household funds for it. 

We dropped TayTay off at home at 7:30.  Lola was fast asleep, so we put her to bed.  She didn’t wake up until after 8:00 a.m. this morning.  I got on the computer for a little bit last night, and then went in the bedroom and played some solitaire games until about 9:30 and then we both went to bed.  It was a good day.

I have to tell you about Elmo in Grouchland.  It is a full-length feature film, and I have to say, this movie is good enough to stand alone.  Like the Muppets movies, I think adults who don’t have kids would even find enjoyment in this film.  Mandy Patinkin is in it as the villain, and it’s really funny.  It’s a musical, and Mandy has an awesome voice.  This man is so talented.  Also, it is interactive with the audience, and during certain parts, Bert will come running out, “Stop the film!  Stop the film!” and then Ernie comes running out to see what is wrong with Bert, and he’s having anxiety attacks because people are being mean to Elmo, and Ernie has to reassure him that everything is going to be fine.  It’s really cute.

We checked the movie out of the library, and Lola has loved it and wants to watch it over and over again.  It was on VHS, so copying it wasn’t really an option.  I bought it at Target so she would have it, and therefore be happy.

This week is going to be busy.  Monday, Hubby knows he is going to be working more overtime because of a fiber-optic order he will have to work on.  Princess’s choir/band concert is Tuesday night.  Lola’s birthday is Wednesday, and Thursday I have therapy in the evening.  Friday we will meet with the tax accountants. Ugh. 

Lola’s birthday will be kind of quiet.  We are going to order pizza for dinner, because that’s her favorite.  We are allowing TayTay to come home from school with Princess because Lola loves TayTay.  This is not about Princess, and the rule is TayTay and Princess have to play with Lola and give her the attention she wants and doesn’t always get from these two.  There will be cake and ice cream, and Lola opening her presents.  I bought Princess and TayTay each a pack of Neopets trading cards so they should be happy to get something too. 

Saturday, Princess has Band festival.  Later that day is my sister-in-law’s St Paddy’s day party.  I’ll be honest, I really don’t want to go, I don’t much like to go to parties where I don’t know a lot of people.  Plus, it’s such a drive, I don’t really like to go all the way to Detroit.  But I will, because she really wants us to come.  I’m sure Hubby will have fun, but the girls and I, probably not so much.

Next week, we will see Princess starring in the play The Petticoat Revolution.  She’s got the biggest speaking role.  TayTay has a part in it as well.  Kitty is going to try to come up to see the play on Thursday, and stay till Saturday.  I really hope she does.  I want her to see my house and how I live up here.  Maybe Friday night we can go out and karaoke.  I’m kind of wanting to try to do Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani.  I think that would be a fun one to do with your girlfriends, doesn’t take a lot of singing ability.

Well, I think I’ve written quite enough for now, so I guess I’ll go and see what I can do.  But first, I think I will cuddle with my girl for a bit because she looks absolutely, irresistably cute.


It’s Thursday, already.  It’s 1:31 p.m. already.  I have wasted most of this day reading a romance novel instead of doing the things I need to do around here.  At least it was a happy ending.  Now, I guess I should get going.

I’m still tired from my illness, and probably that’s why I am feeling kind of blah.  That, and the fact that my emotions spin between despair and happiness pretty much every other day.  Because I’m psycho like that.

I really try to control it.  I really do.  I can make myself do stuff (sometimes) and act like everything is fine (sometimes) but a simple self-query tells me that I feel bad. 

I want to go to the movies.  There are 3 movies I want to see — Wild Hogs, 300, and The Pursuit of Happyness (which I am not even sure is in theaters anymore).  I think I would like to see 300 first.  It looks fascinating.  Yes, violent, but I have always liked epic battle stories, i.e., Braveheart, LOTR, and such.  If I could find a sitter for Saturday, I wouldn’t mind going to see 300, and then going right back in and watching Wild Hogs to offset any icky feelings from watching 300.

Oh boy.  My tummy is upset.  Gotta go.


My Lead Coat

My whole life, I have loved books.  I have loved reading, ever since my sister taught me to read at age 3.  I was wrangling large words like “firmament”, “Jehoachim”, and “Amalekites” at age 5, reading Bible passages at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I read James and the Giant Peach in Kindergarten, and Alex Haley’s Roots when I was in 7th grade.  In the meantime, I have devoured books beyond counting, classics, modern fiction, non-fiction, self-help books, and medical journals for years and years. 

My favorite pasttime has always been to lose myself in a story.  I have a habit of picking up a book, and if it captures me, I cannot put it down.  Nothing gets done, schoolwork, housework, office work, you name it.  I often will read a regular size novel in one day, sometimes two in a day.  For instance, today, I read Book 3 of the Series of Unfortunate Events, and then, The Mermaids Chair by Sue Monk Kidd, and thus we reach the whole nexxus of this journal entry.

It was an absorbing, passionate read, as I knew it would be because I had read Sue Monk Kidd’s debut work, The Secret Life of Bees.  Forgive me for the grammatical error in not underlining, italicizing or whatever it is you’re supposed to do with book titles, but I don’t have time for that.  My soul is spilling here.

When I started reading the book, the first four chapters made me think of my friend, Y.  I thought, Y would love this book.  But then, the story turns and it is a compelling story, one I couldn’t put down, but the dark edges of the story kept me near tears the whole time I read it.  I had a lump in my throat as the character in the story goes through all the different issues that have converged on her at the time of the narrative.  It was beautiful, and yet so unbelievably heavy.  The kind of book I’ve always adored, my whole life.

But now, I’m thinking maybe I can’t handle that kind of book anymore.  I used to come up for air after reading a book like Gone With The Wind, crying for Scarlett, and feeling like Rhett had left ME, and yet I felt glad I read it, and the story added something to my soul.  I always have felt that every story I read becomes a part of me in some way.  I reveled in the good, long cry I would have after such a book. 

A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving) is a perfect example of a perfect book (at least in my view all these years).  The book is written in a charming manner that is very conversational, confiding, and absolutely hilarious.  Yet, the author is bringing you to a climactic ending that is sad, touching and haunting.  That book, I first read the summer after I graduated, and yet, I still think of those characters as real, and feel sadness for some of the outcomes of the book.  I later read many of John Irving’s other works, including The World According to Garp and the Hotel New Hampshire, and found that this is a common thread in Irving’s works.  The Hotel New Hampshire especially was a rough read for me, because I could not put it down, even when the story turned to subjects that cause a lot of inner turmoil for me. 

I have mentioned this before, about the feeling I get when I come up from a book I’m reading.  The feeling of wearing a lead coat over me.  I look over at my bookcase, and many of the books stacked there are lead-coat books.  Awesome works of fiction, stories that completely take you over, but lead-coat books nonetheless.  All were brilliant and I was absorbed in them absolutely.  But even if the dark forces the characters combat are overcome, many times it is only a half victory, because of the suffering that has been endured, that will never leave them.  Examples: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, Queen by Alex Haley, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, Good Harbor by Anita Diamant.  All books I’ve loved, recommended to others and probably will read again.

I think that what used to make me love these books so much was that they were truly magnetic, and even at the bittersweet ending, I would feel as if I had immersed myself in a sensual feast of words, that I had lost myself in the story.  My thoughts would linger on the stories, but I still held it away from me in a fashion.  Now, I think my emotional and mental strength has ebbed, and the books affect me in a more profound way.  I take on the melancholy bittersweet feelings the characters have when they resolve their issues, but they don’t really resolve them.  The lead coat of sadness.  Of not being able to handle the beauty of a well crafted, semi-sad story anymore.

I just don’t know if I can handle these books anymore.  It’s like Y said about Sarah McLachlan…you can’t listen to her all the time without being depressed.  Approach Sarah with caution. 

But here’s my question.  WHY do I unerringly pick the books that do this to me?  Seriously, I often pick books off the shelf by their titles alone.  Rarely do I read the inside or back cover. 

I guess I should have known that “She’s Come Undone” was going to be a rough book for me. 

Now, here’s another question.  I have “Firefly Summer” by Maeve Binchy waiting for me in the bedroom.  Should I dare to read it?

I need to find a few more Bridget Jones Diaries or good old fashioned romance novels where everyone ends up where they need to be in the end.  Maybe that’s why I loved me some good hysterical romances when I was younger…happy endings to offset the tragedies I read in the “quality” literature. 

Tonight, however, I am offsetting the lead coat by going to a movie with my guy.  We haven’t been to a movie in a couple of years, I believe.  We’re going to go see Wild Hogs…I know some have seen it, and since they didn’t declare it “total shit” I am willing to take a risk, and I know it’s subject matter my hubby will enjoy. 

Before we go, however, there is the ugly task of sitting down with our 12-year-old to find out HOW and WHY she got a D- in choir, and a D in band, and a C in english on her progress report.  Poor thing, she doesn’t know it’s coming.  Or maybe she does.  She has been at a sleepover at TayTay’s since yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday evening, we opened the progress report.  We at first discussed going over and making Princess come straight home.  But then we decided not to.  I think we are both just exhausted.

Today, Hubby told me not to tell her over the phone, and we’d hit her with it when we are all home together.  We decided I wouldn’t say anything to her about it at all until he got home.  Then, we’d sit her down, set the progress report in front of her and ask her what the heck is going on.  Well, I know what is going on, she hasn’t been turning in her practice sheets.  Every night during the week, she is supposed to practice her singing for 15 minutes, and her flute for 20 minutes.  Every Friday I’m supposed to sign the practice sheet and she is to turn it in on Monday.  I have maybe signed one sheet since November.  But I was determined not to nag her, she needs to learn that there are consequences, and like I’ve been saying in previous entries, her crappy attitude towards me has not made me especially eager to chase her around and help her remember all her responsibilities.

Oh, there will be some crocodile tears here tonight, but they will not work.  And because I cannot sign homework sheets to say she has done work that she hasn’t, I don’t know if or how she can get her grade back up to a respectable one in choir or band.  As far as English goes, it’s only a C but for her a C is pretty drastic.  And her normally good A’s in Math and Science have fallen to B-‘s so she’s wavering over a C in those, too.  So there is definitely something going on there. 

And the crocodile tears are not going to save her from the consequences that her father has determined are going to be hers.  For the next 2 weeks, she will be on complete restriction.  No friends over, no going to anyone’s house.  No TV, no computer except to do homework.  Thereafter, no more friends over during the school week, and sleepovers on the weekends ONLY if all homework has been done to OUR satisfaction.  She will be allowed one hour of television or computer games a night.  She will be subjected to severe homework policing.  I noticed a few weeks ago she is not using a binder or any of the folders we were told by the teachers she would need.  She had all the papers shoved into the front pocket of her backpack, all the papers she had gotten or received for weeks.  So we are going to go through all her papers and we are going to set her back up with her folders and she is going to have to show them to us every day.  Once she gets another progress report or report card and we see all grades back up to at least B, she will be on this restricted television, internet and friends routine.

Well, with this unpleasant meeting before me, and the lead coat of my great book weighing me down, I definitely need a funny movie tonight.


We’re baaaack!

Yesterday night, we got home from our long weekend in Tennessee.

We helped my mom and brother move into their new place.  It needed a lot of work, but I think we got most of it done and by the end of it, the place looked pretty nice!  It was really rewarding because before we got down to business, many of us thought there was no way this place was going to look decent. 

Hubby’s job was getting the plumbing in order (which involved replacing some lines and BOTH toilets, installing all the plumbing in the new kitchen, AND some work on the place next door as well), getting the electrical situation lined out (which involved replacing 38 outlets and switches, and figuring out what breaker circuits worked where in this house).  He also helped my brother finish putting up the new baseboards, trim and chair rail.  He installed all new light fixtures and a bright new ceiling fan in the living room/kitchen area which has a cathedral type ceiling.

As for me, I started at one end of the house and worked my way to the other, painting ceilings and washing walls.  All I can say is…ewww…the people who lived there before were nasty.  The main hallway was paneled with white board type material (it was called mylar, formiculite, and many things over the weekend but I don’t know what the hell it really was).  The white board wasn’t so much white as yellow with what I thought was age-dingyness.  It ended up just being dirt.  Yuck.  I scrubbed them till they were gleaming white.  With the newly white painted ceiling, the hallway looked AWESOME!  I repainted the laundry room and cabinets, and cleaned the walls in the bathroom, which were also the white board paneling.  All these things I did were complicated by the fact that I was having problems with dizziness the whole time we were gone.  I fell over a couple of times while painting ceilings.  I also started getting a urinary tract infection as well.  I was just physically a mess.  Everyone was telling me to stop, I’d done enough, etc., but I couldn’t stop because I know if I did, no one would do the things I wanted to see done.  Clean walls are just not a priority to some people but health wise I thought it was imperative.  They didn’t care if the ceilings were painted or not, but I knew it would brighten up the whole place, and it did, so I’m glad I did stick it out and do it all.

Earlier in the month, my brother and mom installed laminate flooring throughout most of the house, it looked wonderful!  There was tile flooring at the main entrance/laundry area, and that is going to be really easy to keep clean!  My husband and brother installed linoleum flooring in both bathrooms, and that looked really nice as well. 

All those improvements really made a difference.  Then we started moving in mom’s things and her furniture and wow, it really looked awesome.  I think once she has all her things placed around, it is going to be just as nice as her old place, if not better. 

Monday we spent setting up the kitchen, and putting all her nice glass and collectibles in her huge china hutch.  My mom has so much kitchen stuff and glass and china that it took us a huge part of the day.  Princess and I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of stuff so they had some food in their kitchen, and the ingredients for a feast that night.  Princess made everyone dinner — using my lemon pepper chicken recipe, and she made green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone was so impressed, and ate everything all up! 

I got to see my sister L a little bit, but not much because Saturday they were gone to Kentucky with the moving van to get my mom’s things, and then Sunday, they spent most of their time moving stuff in while I continued my painting and cleaning in other rooms.  Monday, she had to work.  Monday night she came and had dinner and spent some time, but she and her hubby had to go home because they have to go to bed early, both of them have to get up at 4 a.m. to go to work. 

The best part of the weekend by far was a) seeing my Tiff, Joe and Nate, b) spending time with my brother.  Let me just say that my brother makes me laugh so hard.  He is so funny and we just joke around all the time.  We have so much in common and have the same sense of humor, so it is really nice to be around him and have someone get my jokes and laugh heartily.  I don’t laugh heartily around here much and I think that may be part of my problem with depression.  Hubby and Princess have more of a serious turn, and their senses of humor tend to be more straight laced and mine is very sarcastic and wacky.  They laugh at some of my jokes, but some of them just garner me puzzled looks.  With my brother, he gets all my stupid things and he adds onto them.  That’s really it.  The joke starts small, and we get the ball rolling and before it’s over it’s just this huge laughing session.

For instance, one of the things we do is this quote from Sling Blade, it’s one of Dwight Yoakam’s lines…whenever one of us says ANYTHING, usually nothing to do with a joke, said seriously, the other one comes out with “Git th’ fuck OUT, Randy, you tunin’ son of a bitch!  Go and fuckin practice, RANDY!  Now git the fuck out before I git too mad to turn back.”  Or we use a line or two from The Big Lebowski — “Why is everything such a fuckin’ travisty with you, man?!?!?”  or “This is what happens when you fuck a STRANGER in the ASS, Larry!”

I know it sounds stupid, but in the context of the conversations, it is quite amusing. 

Monday night, my bro and I sat down and played cards…our favorite game…Egyptian Ratscrew.  This is a really fun and easy game to play, which we have been playing since I was in the 6th grade and he was in 2nd.  It’s fast paced and just as enjoyable to spectators as it is to players.  When there are two identical cards on the top of the pile the first one to slap it gets the whole pile.  The slapping can be quite violent with me and the bro, and I can’t help it, I always squeal when it’s time to slap.  This combination of me squeal/yelling and the resultant crash of our hands slapping down was very very amusing to Lola, she was laughing delightedly throughout several games.  If I hadn’t been tired, I could have played all night.  Now, I wish I had because I miss my brother something fierce.

Well, I think I’m going to go and sit on the couch for a while.  I am really sore from all my hard labor this weekend, and I have about 40,000 sores in my mouth.  I am in the throes of a urinary tract infection so I am going to have to call the doctor.  I’m dreading my dental appointment on Thursday because of all these sores in my mouth.  I’m not suffering from the dizziness so much now.  I am really tired, because the last 6 nights in a row, I have had really bad dreams and emotionally am drained when I wake up. 

I really need to get some giddyup because I need to pay bills, go to the library and grocery store, deal with some slow/no pays on my Eb@y, unpack our bags, get a shower, do something about this huge zit on my face, and yeah, well, I have lots to do and no energy to do anything about it.

I gotta go anyway, my baby is wet.