Pictures Part Deux

Current mood: nervous

Per the request of Ms. Y, I am posting better pictures of my new hairdo and color.  I’m not very photogenic today.  And it looked better when I first did it yesterday evening.  I haven’t rewashed it or anything so this is second day and as we know your hair never looks as good the second day.  Please note the widow’s peak is “in full effect” today.  And don’t forget to check out the earlier pictures I put on here too.







Current mood: blah

My hubby just got home from work at 8:30 p.m.  Got called out on another job not even 5 minutes later.  So, I’m alone, kids are in bed.

So…I have lost 12 lbs. since last month.  I haven’t been really focusing on it, but I have been cutting down on soft drinks/caffeine.  I am currently undermining my own efforts by eating chocolate fudge cake frosting directly out of the can.  OK.  2 Tbsp is 130 calories.  I’d say I have had 10.  So that is 5 x 130 = 650 calories.  And that is 6g fat x 5 = 30g fat.  I’d say the scale will say I’m back up to 196 tomorrow.  I have to get this frosting out of this house.  And the Halloween candy. 

I want to get down to 170 for now.  I am at 184.  If I can get down there, I will set myself another goal to lose a bit more.  But the way I’m doing it is not healthy.  I hardly eat anymore, except one meal a day usually and its not as much as I used to eat at one sitting.  For instance, went out with Sis-in-law for dinner the other night, got a filet mignon, etc.  I ate most of the steak but didn’t finish it (8 oz), didn’t eat my veggies or mashed potatoes.  Only had one piece of bread  before the dinner came.  I did have salad, but didn’t eat all of that.  Dessert, only had a few bites and let Princess finish it.  Normally I would have eaten every bite of everything.  Just not that hungry lately.

I need to get some structure back in my life.  I really feel like just a tad bit of structure would help me immensely.  And the more I think on it, the more I am convinced that I should get out of the house more, via a part time job of some sort.  I think it would be good for me, and I think it would perhaps be good for Lola, even if I am working days and she has to go to daycare.  The guilt from that I am trying to understand — I just feel like I would be abandoning Lola.  No offense to any working moms out there, I am pretty sure this will be my only baby ever, and I just wanted to raise her up, be home with her, teach her everything myself.  But losing our asses financially is not an option either.  Working actually may be just taking the easy way out, I could probably make this work if I got super-frugal around here, but with my bipolar situation, I have a lot of work to do to conquer my spending habits.  Really, I dont’ have any idea which way is up.  OK?  No answers yet.  The more I write about this the more confused I am.  Ugh.  I need my therapist.

I’m going to go now, lay down on the couch and listen to “Movin’ Easy” channel on Sirius Radio. 

Hello world!

I have no idea how to get started on WordPress, but I thought I’d just type a little bit of an introduction here.  My pseudonym here is borrowed largely from the Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King.  Many people who have read these books can tell you that they draw you in so deeply you almost feel they are real.  Or, maybe, that’s just me. 

This blog likely will have nothing to do with Mr. King or the Dark Tower.  I was just looking for something really unusual and hard to find and link to me.  I have had a couple of really nosy people in my life find my old blogs, and that basically means I have to censor myself because I don’t want to deal with all the drama.  I want this blog to be truly and totally anonymous.  I will perhaps tell one of my former blog friends about it, but that is it.  And only with the strictest confidence that they will not link me from their journal or anything!

For all I know, the aforementioned people will probably find me anyway.

I am considering this new blog part of a new chapter of my life that I am ready to start.  I will expand more on this later.



Did I ever mention that I have a high IQ?


You’d think I’d be loaded by now, but I’m not. I haven’t always made wise choices, so that will show you that just because you are intelligent, you can still be a jackass and make jackass mistakes.

However, I have to admit, that even though some things in my life are not quite the optimum scenarios I had pictured, some smart decisions I made in the last 10 years are now coming to fruition and I can see that I do sometimes make decisions with wisdom and intelligence.

But really, what does that IQ number really mean? Not much. I definitely refrain from the use of elaborate verbiage when I pontificate. I’m a plain spoken genius. LOL.

I don’t know why I wrote that, except that someone was discussing my IQ with me today.


A Funny One For Today

This is a really good one . . .

In the year 2005, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in the United States, and said, “Once again the earth has become wicked and overpopulated, and I see the end of all flesh before me. Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans, thy sons and their wives.”

He gave Noah the blueprints, saying, “You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.”

Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard but no Ark.

Noah!” He roared, “I’m about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?”

“Forgive me, Lord,” begged Noah, “but things have changed. I needed a building permit. I’ve been arguing with the inspector about the need for a sprinkler system! . My neighbors claim that I’ve violated the neighborhood zoning laws by building the Ark in my yard and exceeding the height limitations. We had to go to the Development Appeal Board for a decision.

Then the Department of Transportation demanded a bond be posted for the future costs of moving power lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark’s move to the sea. I told them that the sea would be coming to us, but they would hear nothing of it.”

“Getting the wood was another problem. There’s a ban on cutting local trees in order to save the spotted owl. I tried to convince the environmentalists that I needed the wood to save the owls — but no go!”

“When I started gathering the animals, I got sued by an animal rights group. They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will. They argued the accommodation was too restrictive, and it was cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space. I am required to apply for 834 different licenses to keep wild beasts on private property.”

“Then the EPA ruled that I couldn’t build the Ark until they’d conducted an environmental impact study on Your proposed flood. Further, the pitch to water-proof the ark has been banned by the EPA as inimical to the environment.”

“I’m still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I’m supposed to hire for my building crew.

Immigration and Naturalization is checking the green-card status of most of the people who want to work. The scaffolding to build the super structure is not OSHA-approved and is forbidden to use except for private structures less than 5 cubits…”

“The trades unions say I can’t use my sons. They insist I have to hire only Union workers with Ark-building experience. To make matters worse, the IRS seized all my assets, claiming I’m trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species. So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 100 years for me to finish this Ark.”

Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine, and a rainbow stretched across the sky. Noah looked up in wonder and asked, “You mean You’re not going to destroy the world?”

“No,” said the Lord. “The government beat me to it.”

LOL, how true!


Guess what? I got a call last night from a lady that was referred to me by my mentor in the new business I’m starting. She has a bachelorette party this weekend she wants me to do. There will be at least 10, but up to 20 people! I am sooooo nervous! And I have TONS to do to get ready, so I can’t stay on here long.

Just wanted to let you know that someone must have been sending me good vibes yesterday, and I really appreciate it.

Wish me luck!!!