Things are going pretty good.  However, I am feeling sad today because Hubby has to go back to work.  He has been off work since Friday, and the kids went to their grandma’s on Monday morning.  We have been spending one-on-one time together since then, and the kids don’t come back till Sunday.  I just wish we could have this whole week together, and not have to work.  I love spending time with him.  I will miss this time.

We have gone on several long motorcycle trips, Hubby figures we’ve put about 600 to 800 miles on the bike this week.  I have a sunburn, too, by the way, but well worth it.  We have made love, and we have gone out to some of our favorite restaurants.  We have had a Soprano’s marathon, gotten through Seasons 1-3 and have all in all had a great time. 

I will write again soon and give an update to the rest of our life right now.  I have to go to physical therapy right now, though, so I won’t be able to write again until later.


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