Continuing Busy-ness

We are still working on Princess’s room, but we are almost done.  We just need to get rid of a few things that don’t go in the room anymore, and bring her clothes down and put them in the dresser and wardrobe.  The last thing will be to take this desk, this one right here, that my computer is on…and move it downstairs and place it for her computer and things.  It will look nice.  My computer will then be in the upstairs office. 

We got our tax refund $$ today.  We are paying off one of the two loans we have taken from Hubby’s 401(k) – this one has only a $900 balance on it, but it will free up $120 a month on his paycheck.  We are also paying off our credit card balances, and doing a few more things for the house! 

I have noticed a pattern with us.  The months of March through August are pretty good for us, we make good income and get things done.  The other 6 months of the year are the hardest.  We struggle; we have to really go to great lengths to get through it.  Perhaps if we got to where we use the good months to prepare for the 6 bad ones it might be easier.  I was just thinking about that.

It seems like things might be ok for a while.  Hubby is going through the process to go to management with Big Phone Company (TM).  He has been there for 15 years and it is about time he aimed higher for himself so I’m happy for him.  There are so many positives about it that we have concluded in our research, that we are really happy and not apprehensive about the move. 

By this time next year, I hope that we are living in Tennessee, and simplifying life even more than we are trying to do now.  I hope he loves his job, I hope that my stress level is lower, and that the kids are really happy. 

I have to get back to work here, I just wanted to check in and let you know that soon, I will have pictures of Princess’s room.  Then we will get to work on the office.  After that, the bathroom will be done.  Then…Lola’s room.  Further in the future we will redo the living/dining room.  By then, summer will be here, and we will be looking to either paint the outside of the house or put up siding.


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