Keep fingers crossed!

Hi everyone, just wanted to give an update.

As you probably recall I just started back to work after being off for 3 years. I had hesitations both because of my young daughter going to daycare, and just being back in the working world again.

I got a temporary position with the county Probate Court (in the Clerk of Courts office). They asked me to interview with the other candidates for the full time permanent position. The interview was today and I think it went wonderfully. One of the supervisors, who was one of the three in the panel that interviewed me told me that I had done better in the interviews than the 4 that came before me. After that she confided that one of the 2 after me didn’t do well, so I figure I’m at least a final contender. Not to mention that my coworkers there are all angling for me to get the position.

I think I could definitely like working there. It is definitely more interesting legal stuff, because you are working with people and helping them make important life changes.

Keep your fingers crossed that they make me an offer! They will decide by Friday…

Oh and by the way, my daughter LOVES daycare. At this point in time, she runs in and calls “Bye, Mommy!” over her shoulder. I have to chase her down to get my hug and kiss. She is always thrilled to see me at the end of the day, but she loves her “school” and all her friends. I wouldn’t take her out now even if I could because it has improved her happiness so much.

So that is the update!


2 thoughts on “Keep fingers crossed!

  1. I hope this works out for you! I had a feeling Miss Lola would love have the social interaction this situation allows her. Good for baby, good for Mama and good for the family. Hurray!

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