October 2007 Report Card


Days Walked:  23/31
Days Strength Trained: 6/31
Days Belly Danced: 2/31
Days I Did 50 Ab Crunches: 13/31
Days I Didn’t Drink Soda: 12/31
Miles Walked: 49
Minutes Walked: 589
Minutes Of Other Exercise: 197 

Started using SparkPeople to track food and exercise – used it 28 out of 30 days so far. 

Started using MoodTracker (late September) to track my moods and medications.  Have used it 40 days so far. 

Cleaned My House: 20 out of 30 days. 

Other Accomplishments: 

Cleaned off patio and furniture/toys etc.

Saw major improvement in bipolar disorder symptoms.  

Cleaned out Princess’ closet 

Set up really good daily routine 

Visited Cincinnati for a weekend with Kitty

Learned a lot about myself and my strengths/weaknesses.

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