Just So You Know

I am taking a day off from everything, including journaling, etc.  I think most of you know why.  I’m just going to lay around with my kids and read and eat what I want to, etc.  Because starting on 11/1/07 my life is going to be a bit more structured and I won’t be able to eat everything I want, etc.  I am really committed to making this change. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here pigging out, but I am eating what sounds good to me at meals, etc.  I’m not planning it out, etc.  Starting 11/1 I will be planning it out and sticking to my plan, etc.  I hope by Christmas I will look significantly more fit.  😀

So far I have gotten a “Happy Birthday” breakfast sandwich from my hubby and that is it.  I know we are broke, but I hope that this isn’t all I get.  I was hoping to at least get treated special today.  My oldest daughter has shown no signs of remembering, nor am I going to remind her.  This tells me a lot as to where I stand in comparison to her “real” mom, whose birthday was NOT forgotten.

So far, then, the birthday isn’t really going as well as I had hoped.  But I’m not going to be prancing around waving my hands and saying “Hey! Hey! Over here! It’s my birthday today! Pet on me!”  But inside I’m doing that.  LOL.

Oh well.  Maybe later in the evening when hubby gets home and nothing has happened, I will go out and buy myself a new lipstick or something.

At least I have the sweetest baby in the world to keep me company today.  And also, a few of my good friends have remembered.  Thank you, Yvonne!


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