I used to be lunatic, from the gracious days…I used to be woebegone…and so restless nights…

My husband and I have been running errands all day since about 7 a.m.  I did not get to walk first thing this morning.  But right before Hubby went to work, I walked for 10 minutes.  Actually I walked 5 and jogged 5.  I do not like jogging, I have reinforced in my mind.  Not good on the old knees.

I was able to make some time to do my 50 crunches, but I have done no stretching today.  Not good for going walking/running earlier, but I didn’t have time and I was feeling kind of low because I hadn’t been outside, so my hubby let me go out for a quick walk and I’m glad because I felt much better after I got back.

I am cleaning, running errands, etc., in anticipation of my sister’s arrival this evening.  I will probably not have much time to get on here over the weekend, but I’m hoping to entice my sister into walking with me.  She is staying at a hotel nearby, but maybe she will walk with me later in the day.

We are going up to Mackinaw Island tomorrow to see the Grand Hotel.  Somewhere in Time is one of my sister’s favorite movies and I’ve been telling her we should go up and see where it was filmed.  I’ve never been over to the island myself, but when I first moved up here, I interviewed for the executive assistant to the owner of the hotel.  If I had taken the job I would have lived in the Grand Hotel 6 months out of the year.  But that would have taken me 4 hours away from my now- hubby and Princess and I wasn’t really keen on that.  I had just moved to Michigan to be close to them because I was 4 hours away in the other direction!  But it would have been nice to live in the Grand Hotel.  Well, now I’ll get to see what I missed.

Little Lola is now experiencing something new — she is painting on the easel with paints and brushes for the first time, and she is quite the artist!  I believe she will be prolific with the artwork, like her big sister was.

Well, I have got to get back to my to-do list!  Have a great weekend.

Today’s Inspirational Muse Brought to you By:

No More I Love You’s — Annie Lennox
Wild West Show – Big & Rich
Barely Breathing – Duncan Sheik
Head to Toe – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Promises – Eric Clapton
Rumors – Timex Social Club


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