Stay Positive!

Today, my intention is to stay positive and just keep on truckin’.

I didn’t do any housework yesterday, and that’s ok, but I need to do it today so that it doesn’t get piled up.

This is my 6th day of no soda.  I miss the energy boost of caffeine, but I don’t like any other caffeine sources — I don’t like tea or coffee.

I think that after I have been doing my different fitness routines for one month (that would be November 1) I will go out of Fast Break and into the next phase.

One thing I’m going to start doing is get an egg timer and set limitations on how long I spend on this computer.  Seriously.  I definitely waste a lot of time on this computer that I could be investing in myself or my daughters.

On the health side–I am slimming down in some areas — I could tell my gray slacks I wore to therapy and the parent-teacher conference were pretty darn loose at the waist and behind!  I still have a way to go because all the other slacks I have are still too tight to even wear.

Speaking of Parent-Teacher Conferences – Princess is of course doing great!  She has 5 A’s, a B+ (only 1 point away from an A! agh!) and another solid B.  The B is in Algebra.  The Algebra teacher said that for a kid who skipped pre-Algebra and went from basic math right into Algebra, she’s hanging in pretty good.  She is setting up a study/tutoring group for Princess and a couple other kids who came into Algebra without the pre-Algebra — so that they can be learning the core skills.  Princess is very good at math, so I know that once she gets those basics down she will be at the head of her class. 

In History she is doing awesome.  She got the best grade on their first History test of the year, the best grade of the whole 8th grade.  Yay Princess!

All her other teachers were full of praise for her too.  We heard a lot of comments that Princess is a leader, very outgoing and bubbly.  The Algebra teacher said, “Princess is so quiet and shy.”  That tells me Princess feels out of place because she is not up to where the other kids in the class are, because normally she’s all Hermione-ish in class.  So we will have to work on getting her a good foundation to carry through the rest of the year.

I’m really proud of her grades and hard work. 

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