End of Day 10.16.07

Miles Walked: 2

Minutes Walked:  20

Workout Heart Rate: 120

Strength Training (Yes/No): Yes

Days Without Soda: 3

Days of Doing 50 Crunches:  4

Yoga (Yes/No): No

Glasses Water Drank: 8+

I got most of my goal activity done before noon today.  That left me with a whole afternoon to do whatever I liked.  I did spend some special time with my daughter, but mostly vegged — read a bit, played a video game or two — and obsessed about food.

Yes, you heard me.  This no-pop thing is killing me today.  I am so hungry all the time that I am wanting to eat constantly.  I resisted it as much as I could today but nevertheless it is there.  I hope this goes away soon.  I am almost ready to go back to a couple of sodas a day to keep me from snacking like this.

I really don’t have a lot to say.  I am a bit nervous — when I don’t have things over my head that need to be done, I always feel like I’m forgetting something. Could it be truly that I am at liberty and have done everything I could do in that moment?  I don’t trust myself enough.   I am also anxious about being happy!  Weird, huh?  I am unsure if the happiness is true happiness — or mania.  In this case I’m not doing anything dangerous or risky or over the top so it might actually be happiness.  Can bipolar people really be happy?  Can they trust their hearts, ever?


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