Making More Progress Every Day!

So it’s Tuesday.  Strength training day.  And guess what?  I did  it ALL first thing this morning!  Yes, it’s true.  I stretched, walked my 20 minutes/2 miles; then I came home and did my strength training, and then stretched again.  Yay me!

I am feeling pretty good in every way.  I can’t believe that just 15 days of this has made such a huge difference.  I have confirmed without a doubt that exercise, not overeating, getting sleep and just being aware of my needs and working to meet them is a magic pill to me feeling better and happier.

Honestly, I still have a lot of fibromyalgia pain, but that is to be expected.  I’m hoping it will get better as I get more conditioned.  I’m not dropping weight like crazy like I expected I would, but I guess that’s ok, as long as I *feel* good enough to be an asset to my family and not a liability.

This is the 3rd day of no soda.  Yesterday was BAD — my cravings weren’t intense but I think I was subconsciously replacing it with sugary snacks.  I had TWO, count ’em, TWO small ice cream sundaes.  One of them late at night too.  I wasn’t good at all.  My calories were only a little over my maximum, but you can imagine that most of my calories weren’t really great food choices.

We’ll see how hard it is for me today when I only allow myself to eat reasonably and no sugar snacking.  I may be in shreds by 3 p.m.  Or not, let’s hope that I skate through this relatively unscathed!

Emotionally, I’m feeling so much better.  I am feeling good about myself because I’m sticking with something, and I’m also being fair and forgiving when I don’t do everything perfect.  But I’m getting sucked into this because I’m finding that I enjoy taking care of myself and exercising, etc. 

I have worked so hard the last couple of weeks that my to-do list is quite short, and I only have to straighten up around the house a little and I’m basically done for the day! 

I already did my 50 crunches, too — all I have to do is my little streak of 3-4 songs to dance with my little one.  And track my food.  It’s getting less and less time consuming!

Now I will have to decide what I’m going to fill that time with.  I will perhaps do household projects 2 days out of the week, and the other 3 weekdays I’m just going to do what *I* want to do — hobbies and things I enjoy — and play with my daughter.  I worked out a learning plan that I am going to start using to start expanding her knowledge. 

Lola already knows all her ABC’s by recitation and by sight — she knows all her numbers to 20 — she knows all her basic shapes — she knows all her basic colors.  What I’m going to do is have “A” day or whatever letter – and then go around finding things that start with A, have her trace A’s or draw them in shaving cream on the table, etc. — same with numbers — I’m going to have number days where we concentrate on one number, counting items, writing the number, etc.  And that carries through to shapes and colors.  I’m also going to work with her on social/behavioral stuff, art, music, exercise, nature/animals, creative play, etc.  It’s going to be good and she’s so smart, I know she’ll soak it up like a sponge.

The one challenge I’m going to have is just getting everything done on the computer in one fell swoop and staying off it the rest of the day.

But let’s handle one hurdle at a time — let’s get this healthy living thing down first!

Today’s Inspirational Muse Brought To You By:

Could It Be Magic – Barry Manilow
Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira
I Don’t Care Anymore – Phil Collins
Right Back Where We Started From – Maxine Nightingale
He Wasn’t Man Enough – Toni Braxton
Cars – Gary Numan


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