End of Day 10.15.07

Miles Walked: 2
Minutes Walked: 20
Workout Heart Rate: 120
Strength Training (Yes/No): No
Days Without Soda: 2
Days of Doing 50 Crunches: 3
Yoga (Yes/No): No
Glasses Water Drank: 9+

I did all my goal activities again today. I guess I don’t need to tell it all everyday, it only really matters to me. I did do the 50 crunches for the 3rd day in a row, and I went a 2nd day without pop. I’m doing ok. I’m not craving it too badly, just a couple times during the day I wanted one. I did probably replace a lot of the craving by letting myself have more sugar than I should.

I figure the first week of no pop will be the hardest. I am just keeping lots of water in my system and hoping for the best. And thank Goodness for Aleve for those headaches! I was so sleepy this afternoon that I took a nap and that helped.

One cool thing I did today was make an outline of what different things I wanted to make sure I worked with my little one on education-wise. Basically I made a list of all the major things — alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, social stuff, building/sorting, art, music, etc. and an outline of how to work them in everyday. Basically I’m picking one letter and one number a day and making them our theme. I set up a little weekly calendar to give me ideas of what to do. It will help me focus more on that time I am setting aside to having learning/creative play with her.

I am feeling really good every day. I have my moments of irritation but mostly I feel good. I do have a twinge of fear that this might be hypomania and not just feeling healthier. Please pray that I am wrong about this and that this good feeling continues and that I am really on the road to wellness. It will benefit not only me but all my loved ones so I really want it to happen.

Oh, and if you didn’t notice in the earlier blog, I have lost 1.5 inches in my waist. It could be that I was bloated on the first day I measured. We’ll see how it holds out in the long run.


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