End of day 10.13.07

Miles Walked: 2
Minutes Walked: 20
Workout Heart Rate: 120
Strength Training (Yes/No): Yes
Days Without Soda: 0
Days of Doing 50 Crunches: 1
Yoga (Yes/No): Yes
Glasses Water Drank: 8+

Slept pretty good last night. Hubby & I had “special time” before we went to sleep so that probably helped.

I had a good day yesterday, and another good day today. I am feeling so good I am afraid I’m manic. This kind of takes it down a notch. I don’t know when to trust myself that I am truly happy or when it’s a chemical thing.

I did have a lot of endorphins going around today. I had a great walk this morning, did my stretches and strength training, and went through my goal checklist quickly and had it done early. I got a lot of extras done today. I did 50 crunches. I’m going to try to do 50 crunches while hanging out watching shows with Lorelei every day. I drank the last pop I have in the house today. I’m going to start tomorrow and see how many days I can go without soda.

Paid all my bills — mostly online, and have 2 to mail out tomorrow while we are running around. We have to really stay on top of our funds over the next couple of weeks but I think we can do it.

I’m going to Cincinnati over the weekend next weekend to celebrate birthdays with Kitty. I am looking forward to it.

I have gained 4 lbs back, so I am currently 1 lb less than my original starting weight. However, I have lost .5 inch in my waist, and .5 inch in my neck. Hip size is still the same.

I love to exercise. Could I possibly get addicted to it? Wouldn’t that be a cool addiction?

Anyway — I think I might be a tad manic. I hope not. I hope its energy from exercising. I’m going to do my yoga and go to bed. It’s only 9:44 now so that is great — I could actually be in bed by my bedtime of 11 for once.


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