Still angry, but…

Thanks for the response, Y — and I got some feedback on one of my bipolar message boards.  I know that this is actually a breakthrough–I think that I wanted to think maybe the bipolar diagnosis was wrong.  That I didn’t need the meds.  Actually these thought patterns are normal for a bipolar person.  I found that I was wrong and I have to say that life was better with the lamictal than without.  I have been getting back on lamictal for a few days, going back on it at half dose for a couple of weeks then I’ll go back to my full dose.  I’m actually thinking after I level out for a while on it, I may ask my pdoc to up the dosage.  I’m still way under the normal dosage. 

I have been thinking all day about what could help me stay motivated and I’m thinking I really could use a life coach.  I know they’re expensive but I need someone who is dedicated to keeping me aware of myself and kicking me in the heiny when needed.  I know there are a lot of my friends online who are there to lend an ear, but I think I need to have someone that I’m accountable to (other than my hubby or other family member). 

Our friend Catie has been doing this as most of us know — and she loves it — do you think it might help me?

I feel a little bit more acknowledged in the world so I appreciate my friends who have had something to say in the matter.  I think it’s time to have a little “me” time…I’m sure that will help me feel better.  Thanks again…


One thought on “Still angry, but…

  1. I would love to have a life coach! I did a little investigation and there aren’t any around here – just personal trainers, which we know, I was one of those! 🙂

    I spent some time with my friend, Susan (she of the golden heart) and she’s just having the worst time of it. She has serious physical and emotional challenges and my heart weeps for her. She is surrounded by people who love her yet she feels so lonely. I think we both can relate to that feeling.

    I tried my best for her but she always worries about burdening me with her issues. I say it’s not a burden, it’s a blessing to have someone who trusts me to share their worries and joys and someone I trust enough to share my spirit with. That’s how I feel about us too. Now, if only you lived as close to me as Susan does!

    Love you.

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