Needing a sisterhood

It just occurs to me what exactly I am missing these days.

My therapist went to great pains last week to point out to me that I am very lonely.  I denied it of course, but then I decided to concede that I was lonely for specific people who live far away.

Which, I am.

But I was just thinking about what I would really, really like.

I want to be a Ya-Ya.  I want a sisterhood of friends who are free spirited, passionate, intelligent and just have joi de vivre.  I have one Ya-Ya down in Cincinnati, and a few in other places, who would never let something as silly as being “embarrassed” stop them from having the highest old time they could muster.  Who feel that children don’t have to be an impediment to having a fantastic day. 

Ah, where are MY Ya-Yas, I ask you?  Would they participate in crazy hijinks no matter how off the wall?  Would they go to the Harry Potter movie on opening night wearing pajamas and having fun with all the kids? 

Just wondering.