Some old entries you might like

I am transferring older journal entries over to here from Diaryland.  I came across a few I wrote back in the Spring of 2004 that I thought people might enjoy.  Some of them are kind of sad, some of them are funny, and some of them I think are a good insight to me as a person.  So here they are.

2/27/04 – A letter to Hobbes

3/24/04 – Steamy Dreams!

3/25/04 – Are You Bona Fide? (This one is funny, at least to me)

3/29/04 – Vanity or Truth

I may link some other ones at a later date.

Uh Oh, Better Hurry with it.

Ok, I had been moving things over from d-land but stopped because I was getting a bit bored doing it.  But today, D-land is moving so slow and things are so bad over there I thought I better get going transferring things over.  I would certainly hate to lose 7 years of writing.  So back to it for a while!