It’s Tuesday, I have a messy kitchen and I need to balance the old checkbook.

I’ll consider myself incredible if I muster up the energy or motivation to do both today.

Let’s see what else.

Princess is grounded.  Long story, don’t feel like telling it. 

Princess broke her finger yesterday in gym.  Not related to being grounded.

I’m back up to 185 lbs. 

We’re $100 in the negative in our bank account, $60 of which are NSF fees for the $40 into the red that our bank account went.  But at least the items were paid. But I had worked hard to get us to where this wasn’t happening.  I think Hubby and I need separate accounts.

Lola is doing great, talking more and more every day.  One of the child milestones book I have says she should have a vocabulary of 50 words by her age.  I’d say she has 6 times that amount, at least.  She has been testing and throwing tantrums, etc., but I’m handling it.

My husband and I haven’t made love in at least 3 weeks.  We’ve been staying up too late doing stupid things and by the time we go to bed, we’re too tired.  This has to change.  Last night, we were spooning for hours and I think we both wanted to make love, but neither of us had the energy to take it the next step.  And I seriously felt so attracted to him yesterday, he looked so handsome and I wanted him so badly.  I bet if I had just made some move to take it a step further, we’d have been moving past the exhaustion and makin’ sweet luuuvvv…but tonight I intend that it will happen. I plan on dressing to seduce…

It’s supposed to be 80 degrees here today.  And it’s sunny.  I am very grumpy (been without my meds for 5 days, only just got my prescription last night, thanks to my mom sending me some money), and I think I need to get leveled out on the meds and I’ll feel better.  Until then, I’m thinking some sunlight will increase my wellbeing.  So I should get off here and get my kitchen clean and take my little one out to scamper around.

There’s a lot more but I can’t seem to unlock the floodgates to tell you about it.


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