Dolla Dolla Bill Ya’ll

We are so broke right now it isn’t even funny.  We overspent this last week by going to King’s Island, and I allowed us to spend more than I had budgeted, plus I just sat down and paid off a couple of things without letting myself think about our needs for the next 2 weeks.  But it is good that we paid those 2 things off, and I am totally happy with our weekend in Cincinnati, I am glad we went, I just wish I had been more conscious of our expenditures. 

Anyway, there’s food in the fridge and gas in the car, so I think we’ll be ok, we hav e aweek and a day until payday.  We constantly struggle over here, it’s just not something we’re used to to have this much time left until the next paycheck and the money has run out.  It really bums me out, no matter how hard we try, we are always living week to week, and I really don’t want to leave Lola yet and go back to working. 

We are just going to have to be even more thrifty than we are.  By July things should be a little bit better, because we’re going to be changing life insurance and that will cut down quite a bit every month.  We are currently using whole life insurance, and we are going to be switching to term life.  We are also probably going to cancel our satellite TV subscription.  We only watch Elmo and etc., on DVD and I am hoping to keep Princess knee-deep in her books this summer.  When she had those Warriors Books to read she didn’t turn on a TV for almost 3 months.  So I need to get her some more of those books in that series.  I’m hoping to keep them outside a lot too.  They both need to exercise and have some outdoor time.  So does Mommy.

I need to really make a menu plan that I can use to save us more grocery money.  We use a lot of prepackaged foods that I could buy in large packages and break down; there are things we don’t really need in this house that we buy regularly (soda being one of the main ones). 

I guess I will spend some time today thinking of ways we can cut down our expenses.

Talk atcha later.


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