The Day Begins

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OK, I have a long day ahead of me.  I woke up with my head made up that I was going to get the following things done:

1) Clean House
2) Laundry
3) Bills

Considering the state everything is in, it will probably take me from now until bedtime, especially if I procrastinate.  However, I always find if I publish here what I have to do, I’m more motivated to do it, because then if I don’t I feel embarrassed!  LOL.

So here is my checklist for cleaning.  I wil come and update every so often and we’ll see how I do today.  If I don’t finish today, I will finish tomorrow.

1)  Dress to shoes (mom & baby)
2)  Separate laundry, start a load.
3)  Clean my bedroom
4)  Clean kitchen
5)  Load of Laundry
6)  Clean LR/DR
7)  Sweep & Mop main floor
8)  Load of Laundry
9)  Clean Upstairs Hall
10)  Clean Bathroom
11)  Sweep & Mop Upstairs
12)  Load of Laundry
13)  Work on Finances
14)  Make Updated Master To-Do List
15)  Make Menu for rest of April and for May.

My reason for doing these things today and tomorrow is that I want to get back up on my FlyLady schedule and get back on track with the money situation.  I’ve been a bit indulgent with myself, Hubby and the kids.  We have to get back on the program ASAP to keep going forward with our financial plans, we gotta get our kid’s college savings pumped up a bit more. LOL.

My hubby started working at the new location today.  Yesterday, he and I went to see 300 at the IMAX in Lansing with his friends Jack, Tim, and Dennis and Jack’s and Tim’s sons.  So I had 7 handsome dates to the movies! LOL.  There was much amusement about how much more into it than they were.  But I believe our reasons are much differed as to WHY we enjoy it.  Although I like it just as much as they do for the storyline and the fight scenes, but I have the added pleasure of ogling the men.

After we got home yesterday afternoon, we spent the rest of the evening outside with the girls.  We grilled out, just sat and watched Lola play, and then after the kids went to bed, we sat out there listening to music and holding hands, while watching the remnants of the Lyrids meteor shower.  We finally went in some time after 11:00 p.m.  We had a nice talk about our relationship and our 8 years together.  It is great to know that I am still loved, warts and all.  And I think we all know here how much I love that man.

Well, because I love him, I am determined to get back on the “good spouse” track.  Off to clean.


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God Shuffled His Feet
By Crash Test Dummies
Release date: By 26 October, 1993

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