Electrical Outages and Chore Progress

Current mood: content

Ok the electric was out most of the day, since my last journal entry.  I did what I could do without electric, and then spent the rest of the afternoon entertaining Lola.

But here’s an updated to-do list w/current progress.

1)  Dress to shoes (mom & baby) — OK done except just to socks.  Baby was bathed as well.
2)  Separate laundry, start a load. — Done
2a) Clean up potty accident — Actually, I’ve cleaned up 2 so far.
3)  Clean my bedroom — Done
4)  Clean kitchen — Everything but dishwasher
4a) Clean up potty accident. — Done
5)  Load of Laundry — Done
6)  Clean LR/DR — Done
6a) Clean up potty accident. — Gave up at this point and put on diaper.
7)  Sweep & Mop main floor — Done
8)  Load of Laundry
9)  Clean Upstairs Hall — Mostly clean.
10)  Clean Bathroom — Done
11)  Sweep & Mop Upstairs — Done
12)  Load of Laundry
13)  Work on Finances
14)  Make Updated Master To-Do List
15)  Make Menu for rest of April and for May.
16)  Concede defeat for the day, take off 6th pair of panties and put on a diaper.– Done


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