Another Mixed Bag

Current mood: pensive

This day has had some real ups and downs.  Mostly downs…this thing at Virginia Tech is horrible.  I was paralyzed for a long time today and didn’t get out to do the errands I needed to do until about 5:30 p.m.  When will all this horror end?  Will it ever end?  I am feeling so immensely sad for all the parents who lost children today, and friends who lost friends, people who lost loves, siblings, grandchildren…I feel sad for us all that we live in a world where things like this happen. 

Someone on Yahoo Answers was saying “What happened to Gun Control?”  Um, hello????  Gun Control doesn’t stop psycho murderers.  They usually get their guns by ILLEGAL methods.  And if you took away all the guns in the world, sickos will still hurt you, just in some other way.  Will we take Ginsu Knives next?  Sharpened pencils?  This is a day and age where people can make BOMBS in their kitchens.  Guns are not to blame here.  It’s humankind–it’s people in this world, who produce people that would do these monstrosities. 

I’m not saying the whole world contributed to this one massacre, but I’m saying that a human being’s viewpoint is tinted by his environment and the people he has known.  If you have only known unkindness, you will repay that in kind.  You sow evil, you will reap evil.  It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is. 

Read me right here — don’t take a line and read it out of context to the whole thought I’m putting forth.  I’m not saying the victims are reaping evil because they sowed it.  I’m saying that this person who did these evil things is the product of what kind of life he lived.  Something wasn’t right there.

That’s enormously sad.  He went in there with a gun and killed many people.  But this isn’t just a phenomenon of the 21st century.  People have walked in amongst innocents and killed them since time out of mind.  Hitler, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the Romans, Salem Witch Trials.  Before guns, it was hanging, or it was swords.  Before swords, it was clubs and spears.  Just as civilization changes with the technology and progress, so do the methods of atrocity.

Well, what a macabre entry this has turned out to be.  I guess I won’t try to offset it by talking about my trip to the recording studio today.  I’ll save that for another, more appropriate time.

Here’s a hug to all of you out there, my friends and family.  I’m so sorry for all those suffering with today’s events…either from direct loss or just the pain of knowing we live amongst monsters.  But remember, everyone, we outnumber the monsters thousands to one.  We truly do!!! 

I’m going to go love on my husband and kids.  And try to cleanse my thoughts a bit so I can sleep tonight.



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