Need to do THIS, want to do THAT

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FIRST OF ALL let me say I put this entry on MySpace but I’m thinking I need to edit it, it is too much information for people I don’t want to have.

Well, it’s Saturday morning and my house is kind of messy.  I really need to straighten it up, I hate to feel chaotic.  Although some people would come in here and say it’s not bad, it is to me.  I’m not a “white glove clean” type of person (at least not every day), but I do not like to deal with clutter messing up the lines of my vision.  I have to be ok with *some* clutter because I have a 2 year old, but a lot of the things that are thrown around here actually belong to a 12 year old, and two 33 year olds who have no excuse.

I also need to sit down and pay my bills instead of putting it off, because that only gets us in trouble.  So my plan for today is to do a quick crisis cleaning of the house, getting all the clutter put away; and then a quick sweep and mop of the main floor because it really needs done.  My laundry is all done and I just have one basket of clothes to put away.  THEN, I will sit down and pay the bills.  If I get it done early enough in the day, I will take my girls and we will go and look around at Fashion Bug to see if there are any decent sales.  I went to Kohl’s the other day and found some really cute capri pants, and I want to find a certain kind of top to go with them. 

I have made a decision that I am going to rebuild my wardrobe with some different types of clothes.  I am actually beginning to figure out what looks good on my post-pregnancy frame and what I need to let go of.  I can be stylish, wear my bright, bold colors and patterns, and have comfortable material and yet be flattering to my figure.  I am beginning to see myself in a better light, and appreciate my figure again because I am dressing in clothes that fit me better than trying to squeeze into stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore.  It is funny how trying to squeeze into a size 14 jean can make you look HUGE and buying a size 16 that fits you properly can actually make you look SMALLER!!! 

My weight is still at 180, and I still want to get down to 170 by Memorial Day but I’ve been really bad food-wise since I went to Tennessee.  Hopefully I can keep motivated to get back to my soda-free regimen and incorporate the new exercise plan I have made, which includes the Nia workout which is kicking my ass (hopefully it will kick me down 10 lbs!).  After I meet this 10 lb goal, then I will review and set a new goal.  The reason I want to get to 170 is I know I will feel relief in my joint pain. 

The only way I am going to change all the bad habits I have is to make small, simple changes one at a time, and once I have them ingrained in me, then move on to the next.  My mistake, every single time, is that I try to do too much, too soon.

In other news, hubby is probably going to be force-transferred to another area for work.  I am trying to help him see the positives of it; he may end up being way higher on the seniority list at a new place, and get more selection when it comes to vacation scheduling, and other things.  He is not happy about the commute and I don’t blame him.  But he is like me in that he will be upset about the change for a while but ultimately accepts it and just tries to make the best of it.  We are still angling for a transfer to TN and we have recently made MAJOR headway towards our goal.  If things go well, we could even be in TN in the next 6 months.  We’ll see.  I am not going to hold my breath, because I have learned that having expectations is a sure-fire way to be disappointed.  We will keep trying to get where we want to be, even if it means we finally move to TN when we are 40!! LOL.

What I will say is that Hubby will not even hear of leaving the company we are working for.  Before we made some progress towards the goal recently, we had discussed the possibility that a transfer to TN may just not be possible for a while, and whether that will decide the issue for us.  He really wants to stay with the company.  He’s put almost 15 years into it and likes his job and especially when they let him learn the newer technology.  He feels the job security, pay scale and union protection are too good to give up.  I understand his point, because job security is so scarce these days, but it does make it possibly a longer wait, but if we reach our goal within his parameters we will be the best off we could possibly be other than winning a lottery (LOL).  It will be worth our patience.  The company has pretty good health and dental benefits, 401(k), pension, etc. and it is a very successful and national company.  In the recent issues with large car manufacturers and layoffs, etc., this company is still pretty secure because it is in the telecommunications industry and they are really abreast of the changing needs and offer services that are more in demand than ever.  So he wants to make sure that he still has that, and the excellent pay, when we move to TN because our money will go further (farther?) than it will here. 

As far as our snow-plowing business goes, it will probably not be a viable business in TN, but I know that he has a lot of skills he can tap into for his side business.  My brother in law is building a huge pole barn on his property, and part of it is a garage/workshop he is building for Hubby’s use (which I think is pretty nice of them).  Plus, he will keep his snow plows, because as we saw from a recent snowstorm in the area we want to live, they are not equipped to handle a larger snowfall and he could possibly make a lot of money when that happens. 

But even so, we are going to be happy to have milder winters than what we have here!!!  Just because we make money off the damned things, neither of us like living in the snow!

Well, I have certainly digressed from my original points.  And it is just a way for me to procrastinate what I need to do anyway.  So I will close now and get started on it!

Let me close in saying I love Hubby, he is my best friend in the world.  And my girls make me smile even on the worst days.  I am so thankful for that.



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