A couple of things

It’s pretty much bedtime but I wanted to tell ya’ll a couple of things really quick before I forget to write them again.

1) I am still girl-crushing on Von Iva.  Jillian Iva is amazing and I have a super-huge girl crush on her.  It’s starting to get kind of lesbianish really.  I’m loving her…wayyyy too much I think.  I freaked my husband out by asking him if I could add her to the list…you know…the list of famous people you get a free pass to be with if you get a chance… LOL…  I was just messing with him to see what he’d say and he said sure if he gets to watch.  Right.  What is with men?  Why can’t we just joke about being lesbians without guys wanting to watch???? 

OK, enough grossness, I’ll stop.  But I’m thinking of starting a “Jillian Iva Girl Crush” group on MySpeece.  Let me know if you want to join.

2) I ordered the “Nia” exercise dvd a week or so ago.  I did it for the first time two days ago.  It truly is No impact, and I think it will be very effective exercise, if I can get over the total embarrassment that I feel doing all these wacky things, esp. in front of  our windows facing the street.  And there is a man and a woman who are the ones who lead you through the movements and the guy is soooooo awkwardly weird that it is hard to get past that.  All I know is although I was doing the movements and the whole time I’m cracking up laughing about some of the things I was doing, I was sweating like crazy!!!  And the last two days I have been SOOOOO sore, I *know* I got a workout.  So that tells me I should continue it.  I am going to do it either when I’m alone or with Lola because she loved doing all the silly crazy things you have to do.  Ah, to be a child and not care about how silly you look.  Actually, she’s the one who made me realize that it’s ME that has the hangup and that there is nothing wrong with any of the things they do on this tape….kids do these things all the time, like pretend to be a butterfly and such.  It’s actually kind of fun if you think of it in that frame of mind.  Plus, there’s a lot of martial arts to it at as well, I do enjoy the punching and stuff, plus a lot of belly dance moves which is fun too. 

Here’s a question for Y, my exercise guru.  Is it bad to exercise in the late evening?  That is the only time I really feel free to use the living room to do my workouts.  I can’t do this while my hubby or Princess watch because they just laugh at the poor guy on the DVD.  And at me, too.  And Lola gets underfoot.  I can’t do it before Lola gets up because the noise of the huge lumbering rhino (me) would wake her up anyway.  Suggestions?  I’d ultimately like to do it in the afternoon or morning, and do yoga before bed, but I am not sure how to bring it about in this house.

3) I colored my hair today an intense red and it is gorgeous.  I had my mom curl my hair with hot curlers and it looked so unbelievably sexy.  The weird thing was, when I would catch a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror, I always instantly thought “Janice Dickinson”.  Isn’t that a weird person to see in my reflection?  And I don’t mean it in a bad way, but that I actually look like Janice Dickinson with my hair like this.  Hm.  I will have to get some pics.

We may have a new visitor to the blog.  A high school friend of mine, you may remember I mentioned him a couple of weeks ago.  hm.  That reminds me if I do invite him I should go and make sure I didn’t say anything embarrassing about him!!

Well, night night, everyone!

I love you all, ever so much.



One thought on “A couple of things

  1. Exercise is good anytime as long as it doesn’t disturb your ability to fall asleep. Feeling at peace to really experience the exercise is an important element to stickin’ with it!

    Where are the hair pictures? You cannot throw a description out there without photos for Yvonne!

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