New (yet old) friends

Well, it’s Tuesday morning and I’m looking for my motivation again.  My best friend will be here in 2 days and I need to clear a path. LOL  It’s not really that bad.  It’s actually quite respectable.  But like I said, I want her to go “ooooh your house is soooooo cu-ey!!”

In other news, I am still emailing with Brian, an old schoolmate.  He is a cool guy.  I want to make a list of some eligible bachelorettes to introduce him to.  He still hangs out with some of the guys from high school.  All from the “really brainy” set, of which I *could* have been a member brains-wise, but was not, for I’m guessing socio-economic reasons.  And I would have been the purtiest of the group, so that’s probably why they didn’t hang with me.  I honestly can’t remember so, eh.

Anyway, he is so much like the Hubby in some ways.  He’s very cute, but not really my type looks-wise; but I know a lot of girls would like him. 

I am feeling kind of guilty about talking to him, though.  I’m being totally up front with my hubby and he is usually hanging with me when I read his emails or write him back.  What is bothering me is this — if he was chatting up some girl he went to school with I’d be enormously jealous.  Even though there would probably be nothing to be jealous of.  He does not seem to be harboring any jealousy, which of course is not surprising.  I’m just not used to the fact that he is so ok with me having male friends and that he trusts me.  It is prior life conditioning (and my lack of faith in the male gender) that tells me that married people shouldn’t have friends of the opposite sex other than their spouse!  I know, it’s idiotic, and I’m not going to let it stop me from being friends with Brian or any other guy friends I have or make in the future.  And if it ever occurs that Hubby starts reacquainting with old female school chums, remind me that I should be ok with it, agreed?

I have always liked guy friends.  Hubby WAS one of my guy friends!  As a matter of fact, with regard to some of our “couple” friends, I like the hubby more than the wife!!! 

Well, what else is going on?  Lola is still struggling with her cough, but otherwise seems to be in good spirits.  I’m still coughing a bit but feel much better.  Princess’s play is Thursday and I’m really excited for her.  I need to get my hands on a video camera.

I don’t really have a great deal else to share this morning.  Have a wonderful day, all.



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