Product Results

OK – I tried my products.  I did the morning regimen, even though it’s night, because I wanted to see how my makeup would look with the products on before it.

So…first I used Skin Effects (by Dr. Jeffrey Dover) Cleansing Effects-Redness Control Calming Gel Cleanser.  It cleaned well, and it did not sting.  Everything I have ever used before has always stung.  So that’s a good first thing.  My skin felt soft and firm and clean.  And it wasn’t red.

Then, I put on the Skin Effects Advanced Brightening Complex which is a skin lightener, to reduce redness and dark spots.  Again, no stinging or redness.  No feelings of oiliness or anything.

Then, I put on Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream.  Felt pretty good!

After that, I applied SPF sunscreen.  This has always been a hard one because every sunscreen I’ve ever used has caused me inflammation, redness and swelling, not to mention stinging and extreme drying.  So I used Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 30.  It made my skin seem kind of shiny and a little pink, but didn’t cause me any stinging, and the pinkness faded quickly.  After the sunscreen was absorbed then it wasn’t as shiny. 

Then I applied two different foundations, one on each side of my face.  The one on my right side was L’Oreal Age Perfect Foundation, which is a creme foundation that you apply with a foundation brush.  I am not sure I got the right shade because it looked pretty light, but the coverage was not bad especially once it had set and I applied some loose powder. 

The other side I applied L’Oreal Bare Naturals mineral foundation which I guess is a knockoff of Bare Minerals.  All I have to say is WOW!  It looks gorgeous!!!  It blends right into my skin color, my skin looks smoother, and more flawless.  What kills me is that you just brush the minerals on and if the coverage isn’t enough you just do it again and yet it doesn’t seem cakey or thick.  It feels great.  It blends in on the neckline and hides my imperfections on my neck, too.  There is no foundation line!

I used the same makeup for the rest of the application, the same blush, eye makeup, bronzer, lip color, etc. for both sides.  Both sides looked good, but I have to say the mineral foundation side looked better at the time of application, and now, 2 hours later, it still looks amazing.  There is absolutely no flushing or redness or oily appearance; whereas the other side looks oily and you can definitely see the skin flushing underneath that side.

I have one more foundation to try, but I have a feeling I have found the makeup I like!!

My skin feels good, it’s not irritated, and I’m pleased with all the products I got for my morning routine.  Here in a little bit, I will go and do my nighttime regimen which includes the same cleanswer, the same skin lightener, same eye cream, and RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, and Olay Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex.   I am tickled pink (figuratively, not literally for once) so far!!!



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