Back on track?

Well, it’s Monday again.  Last Monday, I was thrilled to see that I had lost 10 lbs.  I had a lot of hope to continue to make changes and lose weight.

Then, that night, I started throwing up and ended up sick for 3 days.  On Wednesday, after the vomiting seemed to be behind me, I allowed myself to have my 5-day soda.  That led to me having soda every day since then.  The first couple of days, I had one.  Then I had two. Yesterday, I had two at home, and one at dinner, and one at the movies.  But I cannot deny the benefits of not drinking soda.  I saw them quickly after I quit.  So today, I’m back on the wagon again.  I had a backslide.  It happens, I’m not going to beat myself up for it. 

Luckily, when I weighed myself this morning, I am still at 180.  I can continue my progress and I didn’t mess up too bad.  Please note the box to the left where I’m going to track my weight.  My new weight loss goal is 10 lbs.  I am giving myself until April 16 to try to reach it.  That’s 5 weeks.  Hopefully I can!  If not, I will extend my goal date and try again.

Another thing I have been slipping on is my FlyLady routines, and my money management.  But hopefully I didn’t do too much damage with the finances.  I’ll be facing that later today. 

I just wanted to get on here and tell the truth about what I did this past week and slipping up on everything I am trying to accomplish.  But I’m trying not to be too rigid with myself, because I know that doing that always sabotages what I’m trying to do.  After I’m finished with this entry, I’m putting on my mp3 player and going to town around this house.  I’m going to do 15-minute room rescues.  I’m going to set the timer for 15 minutes and work in one room, then 15 minutes in the next, and so on and so forth.  Then I’ll do another circuit if it is needed.

I’m going to balance my checkbook, too.

If I have time, I will continue to work at Lola’s room.  I just need to do a couple of things that I’ve been putting off, and the rest of it will fall into place easily.  It’s just those two things involve going in and out of the house carrying stuff, and I’m not too keen on carrying stuff up and down steps.  But I guess it would probably do me some good.

Although I was cheating royally on my dietary changes, I still had a blast this weekend.  Saturday with my husband was awesome.  And yesterday, when he and Princess got home after work and her mom’s visitation, he and I went to the movies again and saw 300 again, and got to see the last 5 minutes (ha).  It was really better the second time because I saw a lot of things I missed the first time because I knew what the story was going to be.  It was really good.  What was the best, though, was just sitting next to my husband and holding his hand. 

Not to jinx it, but Lola has been acting really good lately.  She’s been going to bed of her own accord for weeks.  Sometimes, when we put her in the crib she starts crying, but after we close the door, she usually stops right away.  Last night was not so good.  She was having a fit in her room, and I finally gave up and went and got her, and took her in my room and laid down with her.  She cried for a long time after we laid down together.  Something was bothering her, like she was in pain or something but I couldn’t figure out what.  Finally, I got her comforted and she fell asleep.  I got up and got my PJ’s on, and Daddy took Lola up to her bed.  Around 4 a.m. she woke up and was crying hysterically.  We brought her back down with us and it took a while to calm her down again.  She kept saying “ow” and I couldn’t figure out what was hurting her, again.  Maybe her tummy was hurting.  I kept thinking, maybe she is getting an earache.  She kept waking up on and off all night long, crying. 

This morning, she woke up in a great mood and does not seem to be having any problems.  It’s a mystery.

But aside from last night, she’s been sleeping really well.  Remember how I was saying that she would not let me brush her teeth and I had to basically hold her in a death grip to get in there?  Now, she is letting me brush her teeth with the spin brush, willingly.  She was scared of the brush for the longest time.  But I really felt I needed to use it because of the limited time I had to get those teeth cleaned before she full out clamped her mouth shut.  I was lucky if I could get her teeth brushed once a day without help.  Now, she willingly asks for “tickletickletickle teef”.  Now, I can keep her little teeth pearly white like they should be.  This pleases me to no end.  She stands still and lets me put her hair in a pigtail so now she doesn’t walk around looking like Young Einstein (at least not ALL the time–it’s cute so I don’t want to eliminate it entirely!)  She is very calm and lets me wash and rinse her hair without panicking, and stands up in the tub when I ask her to so I can wash her body. 

She also listens to most of the things I ask her to do during the day.  She is eating more willingly at lunch because I have started putting her lunch on her little kid-size table, rather than putting her in the high chair.  I think we need to get a booster seat so she can eat at the dinner table with the family.  I just wish that she would be more open to eating different foods.  Her list of acceptable vegetables is limited, although she likes to eat salad.  I guess we could have salad with every dinner.  She likes mashed potatoes (who doesnt?).  I’m just surprised she doesn’t even want to try green beans or corn.  When I make mashed potatoes, what I’ve been doing is slicing a few green beans into really pieces and mix it in the mashed potatoes with a couple small pieces of the meat we are eating, and try to get her to eat some of that.  But I don’t want to get into a habit of making it too easy.  Right now, I can’t negotiate with her, like saying, “Eat two bites and then you can be done with your veggies.”  But when she gets bit older and our communication improves, then I will.

She is learning more and more of her alphabet.  Not in order, mind you…but she knows A, B, C, E, I, M, O, Q, and T.  She knows the colors blue and pink by sight.  Whenever you give her something, she says “Thank you.”  She is talking in near-sentences sometimes, too.  She listens to simple orders, like close the gate, close the door, put that in the box.  When I’m loading the dishwasher, I hand her the forks and spoons, etc. and she places them in the silverware holder.  Pretty cool, huh?  She’s a good girl, she is.

Princess is still on punishment, but it’s only this week to go.  She’ll survive.  She already got her C in english up to a C+, and I’d say now that she’s completed all her journal entries, she should be up to a B.  I think I will send an email to the teachers we are dealing with on this and find out if things have been improved this week.

Well, I better go now and get stuff done around here before I change my mind and opt to sack out on the couch. LOL.

Much love to you all!



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