I hate it when I can’t think of a title.

Sunday morning, feeling kind of weird.  I don’t know if I feel *good* or *bad*.  I guess a bit of both.  At least the main floor of the house is mostly clean.  It won’t take much effort to straighten what needs to be straightened.  I am hoping to have an opportunity to chip away at Lola’s room some more.  I need to empty out the stuff I bought for her room out of the van, where they’ve been for over a week, so I can then empty all the bags and boxes of stuff for charity into the van. 

Later tonight, after Hubby picks Princess up from her mom’s, we are going to see 300 again while Princess babysits.  Here’s the story: we went to see 300 yesterday, and the movie was excellent.  All through the movie, as I am wont to do when I really enjoy a movie, I kept whispering to Hubby, “I want to see this AGAIN in the theater!”  Then, during the last 5 minutes of the movie, which were very climactic (at least it appeared so), the power went out briefly.  It came right back on, and the film continued running, but the audio reset and we were hearing the advertisements that play before the previews.  So I got to see a Spartan going into battle, giving the pep talk, and when he opens his mouth, a woman’s voice comes out and tries to sell us cars.  LOL.  Anyway, we all mobbed the lobby and long story short, we all got a free pass.  So we plan on using it tonight so we can enjoy the entire movie again (yay) to hear the dialogue of the last 5 minutes. LOL.  I’m willing to delay the satisfaction of the movie’s end just to enjoy the entire thing again.  🙂

Yesterday was so fun.  TayTay came over and babysat Lola for us while we went to the movie.  Because of a huge traffic problem (a semi-truck accident), we were late for the showing we wanted to go to.  We called TayTay to make sure she didn’t have any plans for later in the day, and we went to lunch.  We still had some time, so we decided to go to Target and buy some of Lola’s birthday gifts.  We got her some LeapFrog Counting Maracas, a bunch of $1 Elmo items out of those bins in the front of the store (very cute Sesame Street hair scrunchies, Elmo pencils, a little Elmo comb and brush set, an Elmo figurine), the Elmo in Grouchland movie (more about this below), a cute baby doll (I want to see if she’s interested), an Elmo bath toy (he’s in a boat that chugs around), and the big item, an iDog (otherwise known as “Pup Pup” in our household).  We also got a couple of unrelated items, and our haul was only $80.  She’s going to have a lot of presents to open and really we didn’t spend as much as we normally do for kids’ birthdays. 

We then went to the movie, and when it was over and we emerged victorious with our free passes, we went back to the house, where we planned to get TayTay and take her home.  When we got there, I started thinking, this is Hubby’s only day off, we should keep going and do something with Lola.  So I asked Hubby if he wanted to go out somewhere, and he said Cabela’s (a HUGE sporting goods mega store) because of his $50 gift certificate.  So I started getting ready, and TayTay says, “I went to Cabela’s when I was 7.”  She knows me way too well, so I said, “Tay, do you want to come with us?”  She called her mom and got permission and so she went with us.  Princess will probably be a bit jealous and mad but what can you do?  I told Tay not to go on and on about it.

At Cabela’s, we explored a lot of the areas for the kids’ benefit.  Some of you might not like it because there are a lot of animals there, all of them have visited the taxidermist.  But I am not so offended, many of the animals were hunted, but there are also many that died of natural causes.  They set them up in scenes that mimic their natural environs.  The predators are often posed in attack on their natural prey.  There were mountain goats, mountain lions, racoons, ducks, buffalo, an elephant, lion, leopard, polar bear, and many others.  Lola was absolutely enthralled by seeing the animals.  They have a HUGE walk-through aquarium, and all the fish are native to this area.  Big catfish, and other fish.  Lola was so excited, yelling “Fishy!  Fishy!”  We went to the upper floor where the furniture and the camping section was, and Lola had a blast running in and out of all the tents, and she had to lay on every cot that was set up.  It was really cute.

While we were there, Hubby bought me some new winter boots, we bought Princess and Lola a stuffed animal, I bought this cool float for Lola to use in the water, and he bought a used GPS system.  He is such a kid, he’s all about that thing.  What was cool is that I have been letting him keep most of his snow plow money, and he bought the stuff for us out of his own funds instead of letting me spend our household funds for it. 

We dropped TayTay off at home at 7:30.  Lola was fast asleep, so we put her to bed.  She didn’t wake up until after 8:00 a.m. this morning.  I got on the computer for a little bit last night, and then went in the bedroom and played some solitaire games until about 9:30 and then we both went to bed.  It was a good day.

I have to tell you about Elmo in Grouchland.  It is a full-length feature film, and I have to say, this movie is good enough to stand alone.  Like the Muppets movies, I think adults who don’t have kids would even find enjoyment in this film.  Mandy Patinkin is in it as the villain, and it’s really funny.  It’s a musical, and Mandy has an awesome voice.  This man is so talented.  Also, it is interactive with the audience, and during certain parts, Bert will come running out, “Stop the film!  Stop the film!” and then Ernie comes running out to see what is wrong with Bert, and he’s having anxiety attacks because people are being mean to Elmo, and Ernie has to reassure him that everything is going to be fine.  It’s really cute.

We checked the movie out of the library, and Lola has loved it and wants to watch it over and over again.  It was on VHS, so copying it wasn’t really an option.  I bought it at Target so she would have it, and therefore be happy.

This week is going to be busy.  Monday, Hubby knows he is going to be working more overtime because of a fiber-optic order he will have to work on.  Princess’s choir/band concert is Tuesday night.  Lola’s birthday is Wednesday, and Thursday I have therapy in the evening.  Friday we will meet with the tax accountants. Ugh. 

Lola’s birthday will be kind of quiet.  We are going to order pizza for dinner, because that’s her favorite.  We are allowing TayTay to come home from school with Princess because Lola loves TayTay.  This is not about Princess, and the rule is TayTay and Princess have to play with Lola and give her the attention she wants and doesn’t always get from these two.  There will be cake and ice cream, and Lola opening her presents.  I bought Princess and TayTay each a pack of Neopets trading cards so they should be happy to get something too. 

Saturday, Princess has Band festival.  Later that day is my sister-in-law’s St Paddy’s day party.  I’ll be honest, I really don’t want to go, I don’t much like to go to parties where I don’t know a lot of people.  Plus, it’s such a drive, I don’t really like to go all the way to Detroit.  But I will, because she really wants us to come.  I’m sure Hubby will have fun, but the girls and I, probably not so much.

Next week, we will see Princess starring in the play The Petticoat Revolution.  She’s got the biggest speaking role.  TayTay has a part in it as well.  Kitty is going to try to come up to see the play on Thursday, and stay till Saturday.  I really hope she does.  I want her to see my house and how I live up here.  Maybe Friday night we can go out and karaoke.  I’m kind of wanting to try to do Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani.  I think that would be a fun one to do with your girlfriends, doesn’t take a lot of singing ability.

Well, I think I’ve written quite enough for now, so I guess I’ll go and see what I can do.  But first, I think I will cuddle with my girl for a bit because she looks absolutely, irresistably cute.


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