Back again

Ok, I tried to do some housework but every time I bend or stoop my head starts pounding horribly.  I’m not ready to be running around yet.  So I am just going to keep resting.  You may find it amusing that I am sitting here on the computer instead of lying down on the couch.  Well, normally, you would think that would be the most restful place, but I can tell you from experience that it is not.  Yesterday, I had no choice but to lay on the couch all day because I literally could barely move around.  Unfortunately, that also made me a jungle gym for Lola.  She crawled all over me, all day long, I was bending and picking her up and setting her on me.  She rolled, flailed, hopped, elbowed, kneed me all day long.  By the time her father got home at 5:30 p.m. I was glad to say “The back of me hands to ya!” and run in the dark bedroom and be alone, all my internal organs aching from the beating they took.

So you can understand that I’m not too eager to go over there and lie down any time soon.  Don’t get me wrong…she behaved wonderfully yesterday.  No tantrums, no evilness, just wanting mommy, all day, all the time.  It’s not often that she gets me undividedly all day.

I thought I’d share with you what I am going to do for Lola’s b-day next week.  Her birthday is actually a week from today, and I think we will order pizza for dinner (her favorite), and have cake and ice cream.  I figure we will give her one or two gifts, the most expensive of which will be an iDog.  Don’t freak out…she doesn’t have her own iPod, but she is madly in love with Princess’s iDog and talks about it (and to it) constantly.  It is called “pup pup” and she even talks about pup pup in her sleep.  She doesn’t want anything to do with it when it is hooked up to music.  We have tried to appease her with other dogs we called “pup pups” but they went the way of the caveman.  I think it is the one thing that would send her into throes of happiness to have.  And if I get an iPod shuffle one of these days, I can use it when she’s not interested in it.  She sincerely loves that pup pup, so I figure I can find one for her.  Actually, Princess got a pink iDog for Christmas, but had wanted a black one and they were hard to get back then, so if I can find a black one, I may give her the black one and take her pink one for Lola.  Not that she deserves a new one. 

After Princess’s punishment period is over, we may still take advantage of the discount coupon I have for Castaway Bay.  It all depends.

We are in the process of getting our t@xes done, and I’m so glad I have this blog to be able to write about this, because this information would be dynamite in the hands of my inlaws.  Apparently, it was huge mistake for Hubby and I to do our own t@xes for our partnership business last year.  We fucked up royally, and if we have to revisit 2005’s t@xes for any reason for the 2006 taxes, we are going to have to redo 2005 and may owe a couple to a few thousand dollars.  Our first mistake was when we set up the LLC as a partnership instead of a sole proprietorship.  So that mistake has been remedied, I’m stepping down from the partnership so that our t@xes will be easier to do.  We also messed up on our personal tax returns because of some mistakes I made with my own business expenses (not the LLC’s) which we filed in our personal returns. 

Anyway, let me explain how this all came to pass.  We have been going to this particular t@x preparer for a couple of years prior, and we liked them pretty well.  Until on our early 2005 t@x prep appointment, and I asked the accountant if he could help me with a list of the things I would need to keep track of to start my PureRomance business.  He started talking so fast and using such complicated terminology, even with my legal background and 90 wpm dictation taking speed, that I couldn’t keep up with him.  He was mildly insulting too with the way he was telling me these things. 

So the next year, I decided we should try to do it ourselves because I felt we could probably do it ourselves, especially since my own brother-in-law (Tiff’s dad) has done his own business t@xes for years.  So we got TaxCut software from H&R Block.  What a joke.  It’s supposed to check for mistakes, etc.  Well, it turned out to be a hard thing to do even with the software, and once we had already invested the money for the t@x software we didn’t feel like we wanted to go back and pay an accountant.  We should have. 

This year, we decided to go back to the t@x preparer we had used because for all his manner he was a good accountant and his prices were fair.  This year we counted ourselves lucky because his daughter was working on our t@xes, not him.  But anyway, I think that some service providers do get kind of huffy when you take it on yourselves to try to do what they do.  So anyway, I think they were kind of LOOKING to find our mistakes, as if to teach us NEVER to do our OWN taxes, for God’s sake!!!  What kind of crazy person would do that?!?!  Ha.  Including that we should expect an @udit.

I think that they are making it out to be a big deal, but that when they figure out how to “save our asses” we will be eternally grateful.  LOL.  And they already did do one of those already yesterday. 

As far as an @udit goes, I am not afraid, we have been aboveboard in all our dealings, and if we made mistakes, we are more than willing to pay the price for them, and learn not to do that anymore.  Nothing was done knowingly to cheat. 

My sister told me that they do their own business t@xes, and if they make a mistake, the InfernalRevSvc just sends them a letter regarding the mistakes they found and how much they owe or how much they would be getting back.  They have never been @udited.  And the dollars and cents they have going on in their business is quite a bit more than Hubby and I see in our side business. 

So, let’s hope that the accountants figure out a way to “save our asses” and we’ll learn our lesson, not to ever, never, ever, never do our own business t@xes AGAIN!!!

I’m just hoping that we don’t OWE anything.  I was expecting quite a bit back from our personal taxes, but if have use it to offset our mistakes with the business, then I will count myself lucky if we don’t have to dig into our own almost-empty pockets to pay anything.  But that will blow any mini-vacation plans we had for this summer and some debt payoff too.

Lola looks like she might fall asleep, and if she does, I’m running upstairs to take a shower.  I smell icky.  As you might expect from someone who has been sick since Monday.

Hubby is out snow plowing, and he’s been out there for 8 hours already, so that is $480 right there.  Every little bit helps.  Maybe we should just put it into our Uncle Sam hates us fund.



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