Friday Evening…

My internet’s been down most of the day.  Hubby came home from work (finally!) and fixed it for me.  36 hours straight at work will do a guy in…he looked so tired.  He went to bed at 6:00 p.m. and I’m sure I won’t see him awake again until tomorrow!!

Princess only had a half-day of school today, so when she got home, we set out in the wonderful weather and started shopping for a few things for Lola’s room.  I scrimped and saved all this past pay period and today’s payday and I still had $60.  I took that plus some extra funds we had on this paycheck and went and got a few things to fix up her room.  I got some material to make curtains and ties, a pillow cover, a new cover for the cornice so I can hang a little canopy over the bed (safely, of course).  I got her a little table and chairs, a Disney Princess nightlight, and some pink and green storage bins and tubs.  I also got 3 of those stackable milkcrates, which I may have Hubby affix to the wall so I can use as a bookshelf.  I got her a little play rug for the floor too.  I am not remembering everything I got, but I did pretty good, got a lot of stuff on sale.

I’m really wiped out right now.  This is day 2 of the no-soda project, and I’m definitely sleepy from the lack of caffeine.  But otherwise I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for going 2 days without any pop.  We ate dinner at a restaurant today, and instead of a soda I had pink lemonade.  Surprisingly enough, I actually didn’t mind drinking it, although I did miss the fizziness of soda.  My therapist suggested buying soda water and mix it with juice if I like the bubbles so much.

I have been refraining from mass quantities of chocolate as well.  I did have a couple of cookies with a few chocolate chips in them, but no candy, no chocolate cakes or anything like that.

I am not doing so good with the exercise thing.  I didn’t exercise yesterday, nor have I exercised today, unless you count walking around stores for 3 hours as exercise.  I don’t.  I will try to muster up enough energy to do 15 minutes of yoga before bedtime.  If I don’t get the exercise part of the agreement going, I can’t have my reward pop next weekend.  And I do want to make it to my reward pop.  LOL. 

I have definitely noticed that my skin looks tons better just after two days of drinking lots of water and absolutely no pop or chocolate.  My facial skin feels smoother and softer, too.  It’s still a little red, but nothing compared to what it had been before.  If it really does seem to be connected to my skin looking so horrible, I may have found my motivation for quitting soda completely.  It’s funny, but the weight thing isn’t enough of a motivation, but clearing my skin up may well be. 

I’m going to start weighing myself on Mondays.  So on Monday coming up I will post my weight.  If, by chance, I lose the 5 lbs way before April 1, it will be my goal to keep that 5 lbs off until April 1.  If I lose more in the meantime, that’s good too.  I’m hoping the more time I put between the sodas I drink, the less I will want one.  After I get over that particular hurdle, I’ll be ready to tackle another small change. 

Right now, I’m going to go and sit and enjoy my little Lola for a while.  Hopefully she will go to bed without a fight this evening, because I really really need some sleep! 

Tomorrow, I will be working on Lola’s room and Princess is going to an sleepover at TayTay’s.  Hubby doesn’t have a day off work until next Friday, so I don’t envy him.  But I will kiss him 2 weeks from now when we get that big fat paycheck.

Night everyone!



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