Today’s the First Day

Hi everybody.  I know at least 4 of you are reading this, but I don’t know about the rest of the other invitees.  No feedback does that to a girl. 😦

Well, I’m recovering from the tooth removal.  Apparently, I said a lot of amusing things yesterday while under the influence of the IV Sedation.  When I came to, they went out in the lobby and said, “Mr. CG, or should we say…MR WONDERFUL?!?!” and all the nurses started giggling.  I wouldn’t leave until all the nurses saw all the pictures on both of our cell phones and the pictures in his wallet.  There were other things, I’m getting tidbits from hubby here and there.  The funniest part was when we pulled into the driveway.  I looked at Hubby and said, “How did I get in the car?  How did we get here?”  I honestly didn’t remember!  He said, “Honey, you talked the whole way home.  Don’t you remember?”  NOPE!  And there’s a lot after that I don’t remember either!  LOL.

Today, I look like a chipmunk on the left side.  But the pain has been actually not that bad.  The swelling too.  Apparently when you go under during the procedure, and your muscles are all slack, they don’t have to pull and stretch your mouth so much to do what they need to do, and that’s what causes the pain and swelling to be worse.  But I can tell such an improvement!  Now, I can close my mouth, putting my top teeth and bottom teeth together without resistance from that back tooth.  Truly closing my teeth together caused such pain and discomfort because that tooth just stuck out further than the rest.  I’m sure that’s why it broke, just from me biting down to hard.  There were no signs of decay, but I clench my teeth at night so maybe I was working cracks into it for a while before I did break it.  Anyway, it’s gone now and I am glad.  I can even tell a difference in my smile, because before I couldn’t close my teeth when I smiled so it always looked weird to me.

On to other news….

So, today’s the first day of the new regime.  As you may have read, I am giving up soda.  And chocolate.  This is going to be really challenging for me.  My therapist called me last night to check up on me (aaawww) and we discussed this plan.  She thinks that an all-or-nothing approach such as this is setting me up for certain failure.  So she thinks I should set up a system where every 5 days I don’t have chocolate or soda, and I do at least 15 minutes of exercise or yoga a day, the 6th day I can have 1 soda and 1 chocolate thing.  She really thinks if I wanted to be moderate and approached it more healthily, I could still have my chocolate. 

My regular doctor told me that she wants me to have potassium every day, and since I like bananas, I should have a banana every day.  When I told my therapist that, she was like — “Now there’s something you could do.  Take some bananas, dip them in chocolate and freeze them, and let those be your daily snack.  Then you have a banana every day and the chocolate makes it more of a special treat for you.”  So I may decide to do that.  I also think that the 5 days thing could get confusing, so I think I’m going to do it on a 7-day cycle – where I don’t have pop from Sunday through Friday, and then Saturday is my treat day.

Sarah (the therapist) believes 5 lbs by April 1 is a very achievable goal.  I’m actually excited to give it a try.  But be prepared to hear a lot of whining and bitching while I get over the caffeine thing.  I think this weekend I will refrain from having a pop, because I want to get a few days under my belt before I give in and have one.

And the exercise part, that may be the most challenging part of all.  I think I really need to be swimming laps, it is a great exercise for me, toning everything and it’s good cardio, and it’s low impact.  Plus, I like just swimming and thinking.  Now, I have always hated how slow I go when I paddle my feet the way you’re supposed to.  But I like to use flippers because you cut through the water faster.  I like it when you’re going faster.  So do you think using flippers will detract from the exercise’s benefits?  Do you think I’ll still lose and tone?  This would be a question for my friend Y but I don’t know if she has had time to catch up on little old me the last couple of days…she’s got her own fish to fry!!!

At any rate, even if it does take me longer to reach results, I will still be using my flippers.  I’m not the strongest little fishy in the sea, so I will need all the help I can get.  The flippers do help it not seem so boring to me. 

I was going to go and swim at the school pool, but I did the math — they charge residents $2.50 per visit, and $2.00 per student (but Lola is free).  So if I was to go and take the kids, it would cost us $13.50 per week to go 3 times per week.  That totals $54.00 a month.  Now, a membership to the Y is only $68 for a family of 4, and they provide free of charge child care during the day so I could go when it is convenient for me, which is in the morning or early afternoon and I won’t have to worry about Lola.  Plus, you get so much more for that extra $14 a month!!!  You get the pool, the gym, tons more class options, and much much more.  Plus, Hubby can start going to do weight training, which he really wants to do.  He wants to bulk up.  I like his lean physique but if he wants to get more muscle tone I will be ok with that!  As long as he doesn’t overdo it.  I can’t stand over built muscles.  Where you can see all the different tendons, etc. when you flex.  Yuck!!! 

Here’s a pic of Hubby.  As you can see, he is on the lean side, not an ounce of fat on the guy.


Now, here are some photos of some guys with similar builds that are a little more bulked up.  I wouldn’t mind this at all, these guys are built along the lines of what I find attractive.




Now, this is the same guy from right above here, but the angle and his arm muscles gross me out.  I can’t stand to see too many veins or what not.  And look at those tendons between his shoulder and his pec…ewwww.


Now, this is exactly what I *don’t* want to see.


So anyway, if he can stay toned and not over bulked we can work with that. 

I just want to lose a comfortable amount of weight, feel healthier and be toned up.  I’d like to get my tummy in decent shape.  It’s all saggy from the baby.

Well, I’ve wasted a long time writing this, and add to it my computer locked up so I had to restart.  Luckily WordPress automatically saves your work in drafts every few minutes!!  I love WordPress.  I wasn’t sure about it at first but I am really beginning to like it.

Outta here ladies!



2 thoughts on “Today’s the First Day

  1. I’m still reading but I thought with the pictures coming up I would completely forget this part of my comment –

    It’s fine to use the flippers but be mindful of starting your kicking movement from your butt/hamstring area not ankle (which is easy to do with flippers but can cause injury and will cause the movement not to do any real work in the toning department). Swimming is a cardio/resistance workout but you have to be patient it doesn’t work as fast as running or other high-impact (but unhealthy IMHO) activity.

    Okay, back to the entry …

  2. Hubby is very lean also. I would like a bit of bulkier muscles but with all his running and road bike riding it’s long and lean for him. If he wasn’t so conceited I’d enjoy him more! 😉

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