We’re baaaack!

Yesterday night, we got home from our long weekend in Tennessee.

We helped my mom and brother move into their new place.  It needed a lot of work, but I think we got most of it done and by the end of it, the place looked pretty nice!  It was really rewarding because before we got down to business, many of us thought there was no way this place was going to look decent. 

Hubby’s job was getting the plumbing in order (which involved replacing some lines and BOTH toilets, installing all the plumbing in the new kitchen, AND some work on the place next door as well), getting the electrical situation lined out (which involved replacing 38 outlets and switches, and figuring out what breaker circuits worked where in this house).  He also helped my brother finish putting up the new baseboards, trim and chair rail.  He installed all new light fixtures and a bright new ceiling fan in the living room/kitchen area which has a cathedral type ceiling.

As for me, I started at one end of the house and worked my way to the other, painting ceilings and washing walls.  All I can say is…ewww…the people who lived there before were nasty.  The main hallway was paneled with white board type material (it was called mylar, formiculite, and many things over the weekend but I don’t know what the hell it really was).  The white board wasn’t so much white as yellow with what I thought was age-dingyness.  It ended up just being dirt.  Yuck.  I scrubbed them till they were gleaming white.  With the newly white painted ceiling, the hallway looked AWESOME!  I repainted the laundry room and cabinets, and cleaned the walls in the bathroom, which were also the white board paneling.  All these things I did were complicated by the fact that I was having problems with dizziness the whole time we were gone.  I fell over a couple of times while painting ceilings.  I also started getting a urinary tract infection as well.  I was just physically a mess.  Everyone was telling me to stop, I’d done enough, etc., but I couldn’t stop because I know if I did, no one would do the things I wanted to see done.  Clean walls are just not a priority to some people but health wise I thought it was imperative.  They didn’t care if the ceilings were painted or not, but I knew it would brighten up the whole place, and it did, so I’m glad I did stick it out and do it all.

Earlier in the month, my brother and mom installed laminate flooring throughout most of the house, it looked wonderful!  There was tile flooring at the main entrance/laundry area, and that is going to be really easy to keep clean!  My husband and brother installed linoleum flooring in both bathrooms, and that looked really nice as well. 

All those improvements really made a difference.  Then we started moving in mom’s things and her furniture and wow, it really looked awesome.  I think once she has all her things placed around, it is going to be just as nice as her old place, if not better. 

Monday we spent setting up the kitchen, and putting all her nice glass and collectibles in her huge china hutch.  My mom has so much kitchen stuff and glass and china that it took us a huge part of the day.  Princess and I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of stuff so they had some food in their kitchen, and the ingredients for a feast that night.  Princess made everyone dinner — using my lemon pepper chicken recipe, and she made green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, rolls, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone was so impressed, and ate everything all up! 

I got to see my sister L a little bit, but not much because Saturday they were gone to Kentucky with the moving van to get my mom’s things, and then Sunday, they spent most of their time moving stuff in while I continued my painting and cleaning in other rooms.  Monday, she had to work.  Monday night she came and had dinner and spent some time, but she and her hubby had to go home because they have to go to bed early, both of them have to get up at 4 a.m. to go to work. 

The best part of the weekend by far was a) seeing my Tiff, Joe and Nate, b) spending time with my brother.  Let me just say that my brother makes me laugh so hard.  He is so funny and we just joke around all the time.  We have so much in common and have the same sense of humor, so it is really nice to be around him and have someone get my jokes and laugh heartily.  I don’t laugh heartily around here much and I think that may be part of my problem with depression.  Hubby and Princess have more of a serious turn, and their senses of humor tend to be more straight laced and mine is very sarcastic and wacky.  They laugh at some of my jokes, but some of them just garner me puzzled looks.  With my brother, he gets all my stupid things and he adds onto them.  That’s really it.  The joke starts small, and we get the ball rolling and before it’s over it’s just this huge laughing session.

For instance, one of the things we do is this quote from Sling Blade, it’s one of Dwight Yoakam’s lines…whenever one of us says ANYTHING, usually nothing to do with a joke, said seriously, the other one comes out with “Git th’ fuck OUT, Randy, you tunin’ son of a bitch!  Go and fuckin practice, RANDY!  Now git the fuck out before I git too mad to turn back.”  Or we use a line or two from The Big Lebowski — “Why is everything such a fuckin’ travisty with you, man?!?!?”  or “This is what happens when you fuck a STRANGER in the ASS, Larry!”

I know it sounds stupid, but in the context of the conversations, it is quite amusing. 

Monday night, my bro and I sat down and played cards…our favorite game…Egyptian Ratscrew.  This is a really fun and easy game to play, which we have been playing since I was in the 6th grade and he was in 2nd.  It’s fast paced and just as enjoyable to spectators as it is to players.  When there are two identical cards on the top of the pile the first one to slap it gets the whole pile.  The slapping can be quite violent with me and the bro, and I can’t help it, I always squeal when it’s time to slap.  This combination of me squeal/yelling and the resultant crash of our hands slapping down was very very amusing to Lola, she was laughing delightedly throughout several games.  If I hadn’t been tired, I could have played all night.  Now, I wish I had because I miss my brother something fierce.

Well, I think I’m going to go and sit on the couch for a while.  I am really sore from all my hard labor this weekend, and I have about 40,000 sores in my mouth.  I am in the throes of a urinary tract infection so I am going to have to call the doctor.  I’m dreading my dental appointment on Thursday because of all these sores in my mouth.  I’m not suffering from the dizziness so much now.  I am really tired, because the last 6 nights in a row, I have had really bad dreams and emotionally am drained when I wake up. 

I really need to get some giddyup because I need to pay bills, go to the library and grocery store, deal with some slow/no pays on my Eb@y, unpack our bags, get a shower, do something about this huge zit on my face, and yeah, well, I have lots to do and no energy to do anything about it.

I gotta go anyway, my baby is wet.



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