Typhoid Hubby

Ok, so now I have the dread flu that Hubby gave to all of us.  Lola has only had a runny nose, a very mild fever on and off, and a very cranky temperament.  I had to take Hubby to the urgent care the other night because his temperature was up to 102.5. 

Yesterday, Hubby started feeling better and I started feeling worse.  Last night, the left side of my chest started hurting. It hurts when I breathe in, especially a sharp intake of breath.  However, it only seems to be hurting in the chest muscle wall.  I get almost 100% relief if I lay on one side or the other.  It hurts the most when I’m laying on my back, even with my head and chest elevated.  It also hurts up into my shoulder and under my arm, which is why I don’t think it’s my lung or anything.  Hubby says if I am still hurting tonight he wants ME to go to the urgent care.  I don’t think I can walk in there again after taking him and Lola in there the other night.  It’s just embarrassing to me to go to the urgent care.  I can’t explain why.  I always feel the way I did when I was a child and we had to go to the ER, and they treated us badly because we were “on assistance”. 

Whatever.  I guess if I have pneumonia (elsewhere known as “the anomonia”) I will have to deal with it.  Today, however, I had to get up, I have eB@y stuff to ship out to people.  I just realized after 6 of my 9 auctions were over, that apparently our PayPal account is not showing as an option for payment.  Everyone is sending me messages that they can’t pay via PayPal.  I can’t seem to figure out how to fix that once an auction is over.  I sent them all a message explaining my screw up and that they could go directly to PayPal and pay me.  Hopefully they will, and hopefully we won’t get any bad feedback.  I would feel bad if we did because I’m an idiot who has never done this before.  Hubby has had several transactions over Eb@y and has 100% good feedback.  That’s me — ruining his credit score and his eB@y reputation all in one.

I need to go to the grocery too, but God, I don’t feel so hot, but we need milk and what not around here.

I guess I should go, I’m wasting post office time.



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