To-Do Update

This is the list I posted earlier, with updates as to what I’ve gotten done as of 2:20 p.m. in the afternoon.

1. Weekly cleaning (1 hour)  Only 15 minutes done so far…need to work 45 more.

2. Run some Pure Romance products to a friend & get paid.  Finished

3. Go to bank, cash checks.  Finished

4. Go to post office, mail stuff to niece that I should have mailed last week (UH OH)  Finished

5. Grocery  NOT YET

6. Call Kitty re: weekend trip to Cincinnati.  Called, waiting to see what TDR says.

In addition, I’d like to:

7. Clean car Picked up most of the garbage, still need to vacuum and wipe down

8. Continue working on clearing out closet/Lorelei’s room NOT YET

9. Call or go to library Went to library, got cards, checked out books.

10. Do some budget adjustments to allow for some additional income and updated bills received.  NOT YET.

So now, I only need to do the weekly cleaning, grocery shopping, vacuum the car, and if time allows, some budgeting and closet cleaning.

Off I go, then.  Seriously, this time, I’m going.  Even though I’ve said that twice before today…I’m really done for now.  I will only come back when everything else is done.  Really.  Seriously.  For real.


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