Lots to do!

OK, I have lots of things to do today!

1. Weekly cleaning (1 hour)

2. Run some Pure Romance products to a friend & get paid.

3. Go to bank, cash checks.

4. Go to post office, mail stuff to niece that I should have mailed last week (UH OH)

5. Grocery

6. Call Kitty re: weekend trip to Cincinnati.

In addition, I’d like to:

7. Clean car

8. Continue working on clearing out closet/Lorelei’s room

9. Call or go to library

10. Do some budget adjustments to allow for some additional income and updated bills received.

We’ll see how much I get done.  I’ll be lucky if the first 6 get done. 

Lola still has a fever today, but seems in a much better mood.  She slept with us, and she slept pretty good all night.  Not too much flailing and kicking.  Not that the peacefulness of her sleep helped me sleep better.  When I did sleep, I dreamt of my ex-husband.  He came here to cause trouble and Hubby was on the way home, and I was afraid he’d get there and they would fight.  Ex-Hubby had a girlfriend with him, and he just walked into my house, sat down on my couch like he was invited, and started insulting me and acting like his life was so much better than mine.  I called Hubby to let him know that Ex was there and please, not to get into a fight etc.  I sat there talking to Ex-Hubby, trying to be nice and see what was going on in his life and he just kept acting like the ass he is.  Finally, I said, what’s the point of this visit?  Why are you here?  What are you trying to tell me?  Are you trying to make me jealous of your girlfriend or what?  (The girlfriend looked like a true barfly – rode hard, put away wet, so I’m not sure what that meant)  He wouldn’t say, and I just sat there annoyed and wanting to scratch his eyes out.  By the end of the dream, I was actually wanting Hubby to get there and kick his ass.

Do you think maybe I have some unresolved anger issues towards the Ex? 

That’s the second dream this week having to do with him.  The previous dream was that my cousin Ed that introduced us in the first place, showed up to a family function with Ex-Hubby in tow, and it was obvious it was just to make trouble for me.  I ended up getting into a huge fight with cousin Ed and told him that any love I felt for him before was gone now because he did something purposely to hurt me.  I don’t know what this all means.  My cousin Ed and I used to be really close.  As he was close to my Ex-Hubby too.  We were different parts of his life and Ex-Hubby and I never met until we were all about 18 or 19, and it was a matchmaking thing by cousin Ed.  We did end up together, and then after we broke up, Ed’s life was away from us and although we are on the surface ok with each other, he hasn’t contacted me or returned my calls for a couple of years.  Keep in mind he married someone and she may be the issue.  I talked to him once a couple of years ago and he was really depressed.  So I don’t know.  Anyway, I sent him a Christmas card this year, with a family photo, etc. and he never called or wrote back.  I’ve sent messages through his mom, and no response.  My aunt tells me none of them hear from Ex-Hubby so I don’t think that is it.  I talk to my aunt and uncle sometimes and they are fine with me and they know all the details about what happened between me and Ex-Hubby, because my mom told them. 

I gotta go, grumpy kid making lots of noise.  Can’t concentrate.



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