Drivin me nuts!

Somebody is feeling a bit needy today.  I’d like to write about it, but she’s hanging on my arm as I’m typing.  Insanity…

My hubby is home, I had great intentions for today, but alas, alack, he has stuff to do outside, of course.

You’d think he gets enough of being out in the ass-freezing cold every day at work.  But no, this is a chance for him to use the cute little snow plow mount for his lawn tractor.  LOL.  It is actually cute to see his face as he shovels the snow around with his little teeny plow.  I’ve seen that same look on Princess when she’s riding a particularly fun amusement park ride.  He gets so much pleasure out of simple things.  So, what do you think he gets out of a complexity like me?  No one knows.

I’m feeling funny today.  Good, yet not good.  The part of me that’s enjoying being all efficient is warring with this other part of me that says, “Lay around, watch movies, be a bad girl!”  Well, my decision is this — It’s 2:00 p.m. now.  I will continue my progress around the home until about 4:30.  Then, I’m done for the day, end of story.  I am going to lay under a blankie, drink my Dr. Pepper and read HP4.  Then, I will watch a string of chick flicks and force my husband to sit there with me while I do it.  During which time, he will rub my feet with a heat massager thingy.  LOL.  But of course, you know that he will get his stinky feet massaged too.  😉

I’ve decided one of my new favorite songs is “Snow (Hey oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers.  How is it that EVERY album they produce, I love almost every single song?  Anthony Kiedis is adorable.

I just came back to this, I started this at 2:04 and now its 3:30.  I have stuff to do, so I’ll check ya’ll out later.


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