I love – that is where I get my personalized horoscopes.  I like them because your individual horoscope is based on your complete natal chart–not just your sun sign, but all your planetary influences.  Anyway, this is one of my current horoscopes…

Empathic understanding

Valid during many months: This influence increases your emotional sensitivity so that you are much more aware of the moods and feelings of others. When you encounter people, you are intuitively aware of what they are feeling at the moment. But because you have this empathic understanding of others, you should try to avoid people who have negative thoughts and feelings, because in your state of increased sensitivity, you will be constantly aware of and influenced by them.

In general, even though it may still be difficult to put your perceptions into words, you will know clearly that your emotional understanding at the gut level is high. If you are at all artistic, this will make your imagination much more active and creative, which will aid your work immeasurably. Even if you are not artistic, you will be much more imaginative. Just be careful that this does not lead to endless daydreaming.

It is very likely that whatever your usual attitudes about the mind and feelings, during this time you will be much more concerned with the emotions than with intellect. Purely intellectual considerations seem too dull and colorless. Nevertheless, a certain amount of intellectual discipline can be very useful at this time in gaining great emotional understanding of life.

In your relationships, it is quite possible that you will idealize a woman who somehow signifies all of the interesting and fascinating developments that are taking place inside your own mind.

 This influence stimulates your interest in psychic and mystical phenomena, and you may very well have some sort of psychic experiences. You may not recognize them as such, however, unless you are consciously on the alert for them.

Transit selected for today (by user): Neptune Sextile Moon
activity period from end of March 2006 until middle of January 2008.

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