One of those times that a mistake I made was actually OK

OK, we have overdraft protection on our checking account.  This usually catches anything I overspend and the bank pays it and charges us a fee.  I won’t even tell you how many times we have had to pay the bank a $30 fee for this service recently.  It’s not pretty.  Anyway, we got so deeply in the red in our checking account this past month, that I had a check actually returned for non-sufficient funds.  That hasn’t happened to me since I was married to Joe, and that time it wasn’t my fault.  This time, it was. 

I waited, and they did put it back through a week later, and it was paid.  That same day, I saw a charge for $50 credited to my account.  It said “EFT Transfer” so I thought that it was a $50 fee deducted for the returned check.  I put it in my check register as that, and that was $50 gone that I really really needed.  Ended up, however, that this was actually a $50 payment I had made to Dell computers on our account.  So we actually have $50 more than we thought, which brings us up to $50.  Bonus.

But I am kind of glad I did that, because if I had known I had $150 in the bank instead of $100 yesterday, I might have spent $145 on groceries instead of $95.  At least this way I have $50 for Hubby’s gasoline.  I am meeting a friend in a couple of days to give her the products she ordered and collect my funds, which should be another $50.  Then, my loving niece Tiffany just ordered $50 worth of stuff too, so that ought to help a great deal.  My mother-in-law owes us $20 for the pledge she made for Princess’s “rock-a-thon”, which we went ahead and paid the night of the event. 

I appreciate everyone who has bought stuff from my Pure Romance stock, it is really helping immensely.  I don’t know how I can clear the rest of my inventory out.  I don’t think I am allowed to sell these on EB@y if I am still affiliated with PR.  But I just looked and there are a lot of people selling the products on here.  Maybe I *should* just put it all on Eb@y.  I think I’ll do a quick inventory to see what I have.

Gotta go.



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