Sooooo tired!

I’ve been working on the house most of the day, plus a stressful trip to the grocery store.  I hate going to the grocery store on a good day…but when I have a minute amount to spend on groceries and we need more than a minute amount of groceries, that’s stressful.  I was supposed to spend only $65.00, but spent $95.00, because I didn’t estimate correctly or something.  We only had $100 in the checking account…Ugh…

I did buy a few extra things that were not on my list, but only because I realized when I saw them that we were out of them at home and I forgot to put them on my list.  I bought Kroger brand where I could to save money, and a few of the things I needed were on their 10 for $10 sale so that was good.  I did bring a fair amount of groceries and household items home for that amount, but it still means I don’t have any money for gas now.  I am meeting someone on Wednesday or Thursday to pick up a check for $50 worth of Pure Romance products they are buying from me, so that’s good. 

It never did snow enough to snow plow, so we were really bummed out about that.  We really need the money.  It’s funny, I know that if and when this crisis passes, then we’ll have money thrown at us left and right.  And usually when that happens we do stupid things with it, but not this time, if it happens again, I’m applying it to debt, debt and debt.

I applied online for a cashier job at Kroger.  They are looking for evening shift cashiers, and that works for my needs.  Every little bit helps right now. 

In the meantime, I have to break it to my husband that we don’t have any money left to last us until Friday February 2.   I don’t know if he will be mad that I went overbudget on the groceries, but even if I had stayed at $65, all that would have been left is $35 anyway.  But that’s a half tank of gas in his huge truck and that would get him to work in a pinch. 

Well, I am in the middle of some projects at home, so I will close for now, just thought I’d check in and vent a little of my worries here.