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Just wanted to say hi.  Still feeling kind of sick to my tummy today, but better than yesterday.  Now, Princess is suffering from it.  She’s taking a nap.  She did watch Lola for me for an hour while I cleaned out some stuff in my closet.  I worked for one hour, and have 3 laundry baskets full of stuff to donate or sell.  And I’m not even done in there yet.  I want to get Hubby to go through his 27,000 flannel shirts and just pick 8 to keep, and get rid of the rest.  That ought to clear out some room on some of the shelves.  I’m also hoping to thin out the herd of T-shirts.  He still has two drawers full of “regular” T-shirts, and one drawer full of work T-shirts with the logos and what not.  He of course can keep the work t-shirts, but geez, 2 drawers full of T-shirts, a lot of which don’t get worn?  At least I’m hoping he will let me put one half of them in a box to store until the other ones wear out.  Because a lot of these T-shirts are like new and have only been worn once or twice. 

He doesn’t know it, but I did get rid of some of his stuff today.  He has a lot of “junk” clothes to work on cars, etc.  But does one really need 20 pairs of “junk” jeans with holes in them and stains all over them when one can only wear one pair at a time?  I figure 5 is enough.  So I got rid of a whole lot of really shredded pants.  I also got rid of some of his “junk” shirts.  He had like 40 of them.  Again, too many for “junk”. 

I did have a hard time parting with some of my jeans.  But luckily, a couple of my favorite pairs that I’ve outgrown, fit Princess and she’s taking them.  She’s very pleased, and they look lovely on her little tiny rear end. LOL.  I told her however that if I got thinner again I’d be wearing them too. LOL.

There were two pairs that were a little too big on her but I still love them dearly, and I’m only a little too big for them, so if I lose 10 or 20 lbs I can wear them again.  I only kept the two pairs, so I guess that’s better than some people!  I did do a tremendous thing.  I got rid of a size 10 jeans I’ve had since high school.  I LOVED these jeans and how they made my ass look!  But since late 2000, I’ve not been able to cram my ass in them.  Anyway, they are straight legged jeans and I’ve come to dislike them anyway.  I prefer boot cut or flares.  I know the straight leg pants are coming back into style right now but I’ll pass these on to someone who can actually wear them.

Size 10.  Can you believe that?  I was actually in a size 10 when I moved up here, but lost a bunch of weight the first 6 months from stress, and could wear size 8.  But I already let go of size 8 clothes I had because I knew I’d probably never go back there again…because when I was a size 8, all I heard from everybody is “Are you ok?  You don’t look too good.  You’ve lost a lot of weight, are you sure you are ok?”  I even heard that I looked like death warmed over, and that I needed some meat on my bones again.  So I am hopefully never going to look that scary again. LOL.  Kind of reminds me of Bridget Jones in her book, when she finally gets down to her goal weight, and everyone tells her she looked better before. 

Right now, I’m sitting here typing this, Lola is slowly drifting towards napdom, Princess is upstairs taking a nap, and I’m drinking my first Dr. Pepper of the day.  Usually I’ve had 4 by now, but I’m trying to drink more water.  So far I’ve had 4 glasses of water today.

I’m expecting a family friend any time now, who is bringing over our new furnace.  He is taking it down to the basement to take some measurements so he can get some pieces of tin cut for some reason that only guys who know about furnaces understand.  Then, hopefully next week, we will have our new furnace installed.  Then, after that, we can get up on the roof and remove the chimney when we get a chance.  Right now, it’s too icy and of course I don’t want Hubby up there right now.  But every wet day is causing more damage to the roof, and the walls that run along the chimney column. 

My dining room wall is the worst.  The water is bubbling behind the paint.  The wall is lath & plaster, and the bubbling behind the paint kind of looks like the wall has ringworm.  One of the ringworms looks exactly like the shape of Africa.  I will miss that once we fix the damage.

You know, I’ve been working hard for a couple of weeks now, I’ve been busily decluttering, cleaning, and starting to FLY again (FLY means Finally Loving Yourself).  I have accomplished a lot, and yet, I have found the time, an hour at a time, to read Harry Potter from Book 1 to Book 4.  It has been good to set aside a little time every day to read.  As a matter of fact, I think I’ll do that now.  If Lola falls asleep, I will put in another movie and enjoy.

Take care, everyone! 

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