Alone for once

It’s Saturday night, and the baby is in bed, and I’m alone.  Hubby and Princess went to the Monster Truck Rally or as I like to call it, “Redneck Rampage.”  Actually, surprisingly enough, Hubby has never been to a Monster Truck rally, which I find surprising.  Princess went to one with her friend’s family.  Anyway, they went with Hubby’s brother, brother-in-law and all the boys.  Princess was the only girl, and since she’s a tomboy, adored by all her boy cousins, it should be fun for her too.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.  Physically, I am having some intestinal distress, but I am also sore and tired.  I think I have been a little TOO gung ho this week with the FlyLady, and forgot to take Baby Steps.  I’m trying to just do what I can, making sure I do all the basic stuff, but not worrying if I don’t do everything yet.  It takes 21 days to form a habit, so I am just doing what I can to set up the important ones right now. 

I’m still struggling with Lola about the teeth brushing thing.  She likes to chew on the toothbrush but mostly she likes to suck the toothpaste off.  For a few days she was letting me put my finger in there with a washrag wrapped around it, and wipe her teeth off as best I could.  Now, she resists it as strongly as she resists me brushing her teeth for her.  I wouldn’t worry but I notice when she has food residue on her teeth and it drives me crazy!  I have no idea what I can do about it.  I’ve talked to the dentist, the pediatrician, etc.  She’s terrified of mechanical (tickly) toothbrushes, at least when they are turned on.  I’m just hoping that over time, I can teach her to brush her teeth.  I’m going to look for a video from one of her favorite characters about brushing if I can.  I don’t know if there is such a thing as Elmo Brushes his Teeth or Bathtime with Blue, or something like that. LOL.

I have taken reasonably good care of my bathroom, kitchen and living/dining areas since I’ve decluttered, etc.  This is what I need to do, in order, because I cannot do the next step without doing the previous. 

1) Get a dresser for hallway to put Hubby’s work clothes in (this prevents him from having to go into Lola’s room to our closet, and waking her up in the morning). 

2) After moving Hubby’s stuff to the dresser, reorganize closet, removing all the clothes I do not wear or don’t fit me anymore, and box to take to resale shop.

3) Consolidate my stuff into the dresser in the closet, and empty the clear Rubbermaid drawers I’ve been using, to use for Lola’s room.

4) Obtain 2 to 3 more Rubbermaid drawer sets.

5) Remove all non-Lola junk out of Lola’s room.

6) Rearrange Lola’s furniture, add some other pieces, decorate a little bit.

7) Move all of Lola’s clothing, etc., from my bedroom up to hers. 

8) Move some of the books and toys from the living/dining room up to her room.

9) Move leftover Pure Romance stock out of bedroom to another storage area.

10) Once P.R. stock and Lola’s stuff is out of my room, declutter and rearrange items, and reclaim my bedroom for Hubby and myself.

That’s the main project I’m concerned with right now.  Once those things are done, I am done for a while.  Once Hubby gets our new furnace in, fixes the roof, installs our new water softener and water heater, then I may work on decluttering the basement/rec room, and fixing the water damage from the roof leak.  Then I’m going to repaint the living room.

I’m hoping to get my routine perfected and hopefully it will start being so ingrained that it won’t take long to get through.  Right now, I’m “Flying” day and night just trying to keep myself on the straight and narrow.  I don’t want to be too rigid with the routine but I may just be doing that.  It’s bad for me when I get too set on things.  I need a routine, but I need it to be flexible, and I need to be flexible too, because of Lola.

Right now, I already have figured out what I want to have in my daily morning and night routines, but I am not doing them all yet.  For instance, every day, I am trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and it’s on my daily checklist but I don’t always dring all 8.  I’ve gotten up to 7 some days so that’s better than before — usually NONE. 

Another thing I’m not doing every day, that I want to start doing every day is spend scheduled time working with Lola, teaching her and reading to her.  I also want to start setting the table for dinner, with placemats and candles.  

On my nighttime routine, I want to start laying out my clothes for the next day, making sure Lola’s teeth are brushed before bed (I just don’t want to fight with her right before I’m putting her to bed), and doing stretching/yoga every night before bed.  It feels so good, I don’t know why I don’t just do it.  Another thing is I am staying up too late.  Most nights I don’t go to bed until 12 or 1 a.m.  This is bad because Lola usually wakes me up between 5 and 7, and I desperately need a good amount of solid sleep, and I’m getting close to none.

Instead of focusing on what I’m not doing, I should focus on what I am doing, and how well that’s been going.  Here’s what I’ve started doing every day.

Morning Routine (total time ~ 3.5 hours):

Make bed as soon as I’m out (2 minutes)
Drink 1 glass of water (2 minutes)
Clean up myself and Lola, including hair and makeup (dressed to shoes–this is a big one for me, over the last year Lola and I spend most every day in our pajamas all day) (15 minutes)
Quick cleanup of bathroom (~5 minutes)
Empty dishwasher, clean off counter (5 minutes)
Breakfast (Lola and I usually didn’t have a sit down breakfast, now we do) (15 minutes)
Check my calendar and to-do list (5 minutes)
Drink 1 glass of water (2 minutes)
Me time (Affirmations, check FlyLady, Email, Horoscope, Blogs) (30 minutes)
Balance checkbook (5 minutes)
“Hot spot” straightening (hot spots are places that attract our clutter) (15 minutes)
Check dinner menu, pull ingredients (this really helps me to cook every night) (5 minutes)
Drink 1 glass of water (2 minutes)
Daily Activity (Activities are different each day – Mon. is Weekly Cleaning Day 1, Tues. is “ME Time”, Wed. is Weekly Cleaning Day 2/Zone Cleaning, Thurs. is Desk Day, Fri. is Errand Day, Sat. is Home Project Day, & Sun. is Renew Your Spirit Day) (up to but no more than 1 hour)
1 Load of Laundry (15 minutes)
Decluttering (15 minutes)
Zone Work (15 minutes)

So if I do it without lollygagging around, I should be done before noon, and then I have the afternoon and evening to do whatever with Lola.  Throughout the day all I’ll have to do is anything pressing on my to-do list, prepare lunch and dinner. 

Evening Routine (1.5 hours – doesn’t include baby routine time)

Baby bedtime routine (Clean up toys, brush teeth, Milk, Read/Video, Bed) (in bed by 9:30)
Get my clothes for tomorrow and PJ’s (5 minutes)
Check calendar and to-do list for tomorrow (5 minutes)
Shine sink and counter (5 minutes)
Run dishwasher (2 minutes)
Meat for dinner tomorrow out to thaw (2 minutes)
Clean hot spots (toys, living/dining room, bedroom, bathroom) (10 minutes)
Sweep Kitchen, Living and Dining Room (5 minutes)
Bath (30 minutes)
Yoga/Stretches (20 minutes)
Take Meds (1 minute)
Gratitude Journal (10 minutes)

Am I trying to do too much too soon?  Some of these things are to take care of ME, some of them are to help me feel less chaotic, which is ultimately good for me too.  The rest is to bless my family.  It’s more than they have been getting these past months, so even if I don’t do well every day, it’s still better than before.  As FlyLady says “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family!”

I’m just feeling kind of down today, I hope that this isn’t my way of finding out my elevated mood and energy level have just been a manic episode and not my new med.  Before I assume that, I am just going to give myself the benefit of the doubt–I haven’t gotten much sleep recently so I’ll go to bed now (10:30 p.m.) and see if a good night’s sleep will help.

One last thing — it did snow yesterday, but not enough to get called to plow.  However, the guy Hubby works for told Hubby today that if it snows an inch or more tomorrow, they will be plowing. says snow flurries and snow showers for a good part of tomorrow, so I’m thinking we may actually get a few hours of plowing.  Every run is about 8 hours.  Each 8 hour run pays around $500, so I’m grateful for just one run, but if it snows a whole bunch and Hubby has to do 2 runs, neither of us will complain about it.  Hubby’s plan is to get our Jeep back up and running and have two operational snow plows.  He wants to teach me how to run the snowplow so that he can get more contracts and I can do it, and we can earn double during snow season.  I would love to know how to do it, but whether I’ll be good at it remains to be seen.  But oh, the money.  It would turn a good season for Hubby (about $8K to $10K) into a REALLY good season for US (DOUBLE the dough!) 

There’s this daydream I have, that we have this winter, this winter where we get slammed with snow every other day, and we have to plow like every other day…at 8 or more hours each time.  For 3 months.  That would be 15 days a month x 3 = 45 8 hour shifts at $500 = $22,500.  And if I was running a plow too, that would be $45,000 for 3 months of work.  We’d be out of debt and THEN some.  Ah…what a dream.  I know such a winter is possible, the winter of 2000 was like that, but we didn’t have a plow :-(.  At least we live in a place where that daydream could actually happen someday…it’s out there in the universe now, maybe I’ll manifest it for myself.

Good night, everyone.