Overdid it…again

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So…I overdid it physically again.  I was playing with Lola on my yoga mat.  I decided to show her a flip flop.  How stupid was I to do a fucking flip flop?  Didn’t hurt right then, but a little bit later, I was playing with her blocks, and I went into a yoga pose (child) where I was kneeling, then lay forward with my head on the floor.  When I got back up, a muscle in my back started yelling “Bad CG!”

I am sure that it wasn’t just those two things.  I’ve been doing a lot of physical type housework, carrying laundry up and down two flights of stairs, etc.  I have gotten most of my daily chores done today, the Zone I am working in today is Office anyway, and I need to do filing and pay bills.  That shouldn’t be too physically straining.

I wanted to get in my closet and start getting rid of clothes I don’t/won’t wear anymore so I could clear some space in there.  If I can get a dresser for my hallway for Hubby’s work clothes, that will clear out some of my Rubbermaid drawer sets, and I can use them for Lola’s clothes.  I can then move all of Lola’s clothes out of MY room and up to hers.  That will make room in MY bedroom so it will look nice again, and not buried under kid stuff.  Plus, I’m trying to continue to liquidate my Pure Romance stock so those bins can be removed.  I will then transfer a couple of those bins upstairs to put Lola’s toys in. 

It is supposed to snow on Friday and Monday, so hopefully Hubby will have some snowplowing to do.  If so, then we will have a bit extra money, which I can use to catch up on bills, and maybe take $50 or so to get some things for Lola’s room at a consignment shop or at IKEA.  What I need for her room right now is some sort of dresser or even just Rubbermaid 3-Drawer sets.  If I do the rubbermaid drawers, I want 3 or 4 sets of those 3-drawer configurations.  I can put her clothes and stuff in there.  I also want to obtain another kid-sized table and chairs.  I need a comfy area rug for the floor, at least 6×8 or larger.  I want to put a comfy adult-size chair in there too for me to read her stories or watch her play.  I am going to get some of the 18-gallon storage bins to put under her bed to store toys, and one of my big Pure Romance bins will hold her stuffed animals. 

Her changing table has shelves underneath, where I will put her books and puzzles.  I’d also like to put a mirror on the wall (maybe a safety mirror or something if they make such a thing) for her to be able to see herself. 

Another thing I’ve been thinking is that Lola seems ready for potty training, at least getting her ready for potty training.  She’s very aware of when she goes potty, particularly #2.  She doesn’t like it on her at all.  She will tell me “Neh pooh”, which I assume is I poop or The pooh — everytime I go to change her diaper after she says that, she’s gone #2. 

With Lola getting bigger, she is getting more interested in doing all her grooming things herself.  So I would like to get a bigger bathroom vanity (can’t be much bigger because of size constraints), one with a countertop.  Right now we have a pedestal basin with no real flat surfaces.  I’d like to also have a mirror that goes down to the backsplash of the countertop so the Lola can see herself when she is washing up, etc.  And a safety step-stool of some sort.  Right now she can’t see what she’s doing.  I think she would be more cooperative with teethbrushing if she could. 

Right now, she stands with me when I’m brushing my teeth.  I put toothpaste on her brush, she will suck the toothpaste off, and move the toothbrush around a LITTLE in her mouth, then she hands me the toothbrush for more paste.  I usually give her another little dot about two more times.  She chews on the bristles a little bit.  Then, I take a washrag and wrap it around my finger a couple of times, then I put it in her mouth and scrub her teeth with it.  She lets me do that, because I act like she’s biting me hard “Ouch!”, but she really doesn’t bite that hard except those damn front teeth! Wow.  It’s worth it though because I know I have gotten some of the stuff off her teeth.  I get to the back teeth and behind the teeth and all around.  I’ll take what I can get.  I’m going to get one of those finger brushes or something and try that.

Another thing I’ve been working on with her is establishing a nightly routine. I think she is really getting it.  I go over to the poster we made and point at each step as we go, and of course the thing she wants the most is “milk”, but we have to clean the toys up, clean up for bed, get on jammies, and then she can have milk and a video or a story.  Then it’s bed.  So far, it works pretty well.  It’s more about ME setting the routine than her, because she goes with the flow of whatever I want her to do mostly.

This turned out to be longer than I had anticipated.  My back hurts.  I need to FACE my finances, and the mess I have made, but am reluctant to do so.  It’s scary, but has to be done.  So off I go.  I’ll set my timer.  30 minutes on finances is better than nothing.


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