Current mood: chipperMan, it has GOT to be the medication and not me — I am feeling a TON better.  Evidence of huge changes:

1) My main living areas have been clean for four (4) days.

2) My house smells like yummy candles all the time.

3) I have prepared dinner every night for a week.

4) I made BREAKFAST yesterday morning.

5) I have been making Hubby’s coffee for him the last couple of days.

6) I have been making my bed every day.

7) I got up today *early* with my Hubby AND MADE HIS LUNCH for him.

I have been on my FlyLady routine for almost a week now and I can see progress.  It’s good.  I’m still working on a financial plan that makes sense.  It’s an ongoing process when you are on a tight budget.  But I’m really looking at myself and what I’ve been doing to sabotage my long-term goals.

Anyway, it’s Weekly House Blessing Day so I am off to clean.

Take care, everyone.  Lamictal is a GOOD THING.


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Reminiscing: The 20th Anniversary Collection
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