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I see platform-wearing, halter-topped, taut-stomached 19-year-olds and my immediate reaction is:

Nothing a little childbirth and a couple decades won’t fix…

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Just a few thoughts…

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Just a couple (HA) thoughts/feelings going through me right now.

1) I love my Lola.
2) I love my Princess.
3) I love, love, love my man.
4) I love my house.  I really do.
5) I love FlyLady.  A lot.
6) I am loving my new meds…I think it’s my meds anyway.
7) I love hot cocoa.
8) I love candles burning in my house, making it smell good. 
9) I love it when Hubby comes home and he walks into a clean, good smelling house.  I know secretly those things matter to him, but I’ll give him this — he never says a word about it if it isn’t clean or smelling good.
10) I love that he can take such good care of our family.
11) I haven’t talked to my mom, or most of my siblings, for 3 days.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  Good in that I am getting things done, and if they are having a bad day it’s not flowing onto me.  Bad in that I do love to talk to them, and esp. my brother, he always makes me laugh.  I think he’ll be glad if these meds make me less moody.
12) I love that Lola is getting a little more independent.
13) I love that Lola is definitely more verbally cognitive now.  I can tell her to put her toys in the box and she does…most of the time. 
14) Lola and I made her a “good night bedtime routine” poster, with a list of the things she needs to do before bedtime, with pictures beside the words she cannot read yet.  She totally knows what each thing is!  The picture of toys (she notices the teddy bear and says “bear”) means pick up toys; the picture of the bottle, she says “milk”, which means she can have her bottle of milk; the picture of the bathtub she says “water” which means she can go play in the water and get cleaned up; the picture of the toothbrush she says “toofbruh” so I know she knows what that means…now to get her to be more cooperative in USING it; the picture of pajamas, well, if I ask her where the pajamas are she’ll point to it 50% of the time but not sure if she really gets that one; the picture of the book, she points to it if I say where’s the book? so that is story time; and then she knows the picture of the bed means her crib.  How cool is that?  I let her “color” all the pictures herself so it’s her list too. 

I gotta go, I’m working on finances using FlyLady’s FACE Missions.

Love ya.

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