I shouldn’t even ask myself WHY we have financial problems

First thing – we didn’t get to go to the comedy club. 😦  Hubby had to work overtime.  But I guess that’s good – we have ZERO dollars so how could we have bought the drinks etc. at the club?  This way at least he EARNED money.  His boss is coming over tomorrow to drop off his plow truck so Hubby can fix a problem with the lights.  That ought to give us a little cash to last the next week.

Because I am trying to see “where the money went” YET again, I decided to see how badly I’ve done this year.  So I am doing a little research.  Today’s project — went through the last 12 months of our checking account’s bank statements.  I am missing 2 months of statements but still found some disturbing numbers.

Due to my financial mismanagement this year, we have paid out a minimum of $810.00 in Non-Sufficient Funds (overdraft protection charges) this year.  Just since the beginning of THIS month alone we’ve had SIX NSF charges at $30 each — $180.00 I desperately need for other things.

It makes me sick.  But I am trying to implement some tough love changes during this year to try to get this under control.  I am going to get a SpeedyCash card with $50 on it for gas and things when I’m out and about, and I’m only going to carry a little bit of cash on me.  I’m not going to carry my check/debit card or checkbook with me when I’m in the local area because of my tendency to use them without thinking about what’s in there, especially because of the overdraft protection…I know they will cover my check so if I go a little over, I can fix it later — that’s been my mentality.  If I go somewhere where my hubby can’t get me in case of vehicular trouble, then of course I’ll carry my checkbook and stuff with me.  But this way I can stop myself from impulse buying.  If I *do* go out to buy myself something (in the budget), I will bring the budgeted amount IN CASH, and that way I won’t be tempted to go over that like I always, always do.

If it is important enough for me to wait for Hubby to get home and unlock the checkbook and card for me to use, then I guess it will be a worthy purchase.  Otherwise, once I leave the place I was at I’m sure the impulse will fade. 

I am really driven to make these financial changes and get us back up and running the way we did for years before Lola was born. 

Another cool thing I’ve been doing the last couple of days is re-establishing my FlyLady routines, now with adjustments because of Lola and what I need to do for/with her every day.  I think it’s going to be great.  I shined my sink 2 days ago, and the kitchen has become very, very clean and tidy over the last couple of days.  I think everyone is happy when they go in there. 

I am also working my way around the house over the next week and doing a quick once-over and quick 27-Fling Boogie to get rid of things.  I can do the detail cleaning as I get into each weekly Zone.  In just a month or so, my house should be looking GOOD again!

Almost done with ALL the laundry, too.  Really, ALL of it.  Every piece of clothing that is hanging around looking for a load to jump into, is getting cleaned.  Every linen on every person’s bed has or will be washed.  Really the only linens left to be cleaned are mine.  Princess’s bed is made up with fresh smelling linens, as is Lola’s.  I’m going to start changing out our sheets once a week again.  I’m only keeping 2 sets of sheets per bed, and while the other one is on the bed, the other one will get laundered.

Lots of little changes that won’t overwhelm me — especially since I’ve been telling Princess and Hubby as I’m doing them, so they will hopefully help out.  I put 3 hampers in the bathroom, one for darks & jeans, one for lights and whites, and one for towels.  Pretty simple concept.  Let’s hope they stick to it.  I’m tired of picking up their stuff off the floor. 

I also revamped Princess’s chores, took some away and added a few that are more achievable for her on a daily basis.  It was just unreasonable of me to put “exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week” on her loan agreement, or “read 1 hour every single day”, because some days it just isn’t feasible.  She exercises a lot with walking to school and back, and playing with her friends.  But her evening has been so full with the jobs she’s supposed to do as per her agreement with us, and her huge stack of homework.  Every month she is not meeting all her agreed to tasks, and it is bumming her out.  So I removed those two as requirements.  I’m going to encourage it versus watching TV some nights; but instead I have added making the family dinner one night per week (easy stuff, hot dogs, whatever, or she can be creative if she wants).  I also added playing or watching Lola one hour on any given day for me will earn her $1 applied to her loan, above the $60 she is earning on the other tasks.  She watches Lola that much on many days, so she’ll make at least $5 a week on that alone. 

I’m prattling on and it’s almost midnight.  I’m very tired, and my back is very sore from all the work I’ve done today.

Good night, everyone.

Love to all my peeps.



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