I forgot to tell you!

Current mood: bouncy

The man my hubby is supposed to be working for to do snow plowing called last night.  Apparently his business card was drawn out of a thingy (whatever) and he won tickets for him and his employees to go to a comedy club.  It’s tonight, and Hubby and I are going to go with him!!!  The other couple of guys who plow for him and their significant others are going too.  I’m excited.  We haven’t even plowed for him yet. LOL.  He’s a really nice guy and Hubby likes him.  It was really nice of him to give us the tickets.

Just one more example of Hubby making his own luck by knowing people and making contacts.  The man has skillz.

He just called last night to ask us if we wanted to go.  So, we’re going to meet everybody there tonight.  So, a real date!!!  Yippee Skippy!

I haven’t been to a comedy club in forever, and Hubby has never been to one.  I hope these guys are good so Hubby doesn’t decide he isn’t into comedy clubs. 


Currently listening :
A Momentary Lapse of Reason
By Pink Floyd
Release date: By 16 December, 1997

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