Horrible Day

Current mood: infuriated

I am having a horrible day.  It just keeps getting worse and worse. 

First, my sister tells me that the pet store was robbed.  Over $1000 plus people’s personal checks in an unknown quantity were taken.

Second, I find out that my other sister and some of my cousins are pressuring my mom to move back to Cincinnati, supposedly to live with my cousin Dani (the one who’s parents died last year, and brother died a couple of months ago), to teach her how to manage her money because she’s writing checks off her inheritance like there’s no tomorrow and no one has taught her about the money.  This is a very bad thing for my mom, and honestly I’m sure it has nothing to do with Dani and it is my sister’s attempt to get my mom and brother back up there.  I have my reasons why I think she wants that, but I won’t go into it here.

And then thirdly, and the worst one for me, is that my mom shared with me a very upsetting thing that happened in my hometown. 

Visit this article, then come back….

This man was living with a man that lives a block from my mom’s house.  This man (Casey) and the one he was living with (lets call him Fiend) are both on crack.  Fiend once showed up at my mom’s house at 2 in the morning, claiming he needed to use her phone to dial 911.  She had her gun in her hands, and opened the door to hand him the phone to use out on the porch, but he tried to get in.  When he saw her gun pointed right at his chest he thought better of it.  He was wearing a mexican poncho, and nothing else.  Who knows what his intentions had been. 

It was not in the news but my OTHER sister and some of my mom’s neighbors know the victims and the perpetrator and let me say there are a lot of very, very, very disturbing details that of course are best left out of any news report.  But of course, my mother told them to me, probably just to try to purge them out of her own self.  But if you go back and look at what the man was charged with, you can then imagine what happened to the older woman, and the poor little 5 year old. 

Here are some details you can have without getting too upset.  The 5 year old was the daughter of the drug dealers that Casey was going to buy drugs for.  She answered the door and I guess she just looked more attractive than the crack.  So he abducted her and did these things to her.  Now, have you ever seen “A Time To Kill”?  Remember what happened to that little girl?  Basically, that’s what happened to this one.  She was horrifically physically damaged.

The older lady was beaten so badly he actually thought she was dead, and had gotten out of the car and was digging a hole to bury her in.  She managed to rouse herself enough to drive away.

We were all so fired up to hang Saddam last week…but this guy will probably get to live out his life in jail, or “the Marriott” as I like to call it.  We’ll supply his food, his pasttimes, and he’ll get to enjoy rape and sodomy scenes galore.  I’m sure he’s going to be in heaven.  I don’t mean that like its a good thing.  He needs something more amazingly horrific.  Did you see the damned smile the man had in his mug shot?  AAAAAGHHHH!

It makes me wonder why I even leave the house, ever.  I just want to go pick up Princess from school, and drive my two girls into the wilderness and live in a cabin and never go around people again.

Another thing that makes me upset is that this man was living just houses down from my mom.  If his own host would consider doing something like that to my mom, it might have been a matter of time before he targeted her.  They call that neighborhood my mom lives in “Doper’s Alley”.  Oh, and this Casey guy was already in prison for molesting a child.

I am sickened and it will probably take everything I can to get over this in the next couple of days.