Pretty Good Day

It’s been a pretty good day today.  Hubby got the insurance company to settle with him over our burned Jeep.  Outer body wise, it is still fine, just fire damage to the dashboard and what is under it.  Because the price of the repairs needed exceeded the retail value of the Jeep, it was totalled out.  However, Hubby is a mechanic and pretty good with electrical wiring as well, so we know we could fix it.  What we hoped for, happened.  They are giving us a pretty good sum of money (just about $1000 less than the retail value of our Jeep!), and we get to keep the Jeep with a clear title so he can fix it up as and when he can.  Normally, this would not be feasible financially because the parts individually cost so much, but a wonderful thing happened.  Hubby was on the snowplow message board he frequents, and shared what happened.  A friend of his from the site told Hubby he would give him his old Jeep so he could use the parts from it to fix up our Jeep.  This guy wrecked his Jeep so the exterior is crunched, but the parts we need are still very much intact and in great shape!  So, with little expense to us except the labor Hubby will need to put into it, we are going to end up with a plow truck and the Jeep will be up and running again in a few months.  For once, we had a bit of good luck.  If we had decided not to keep the Jeep they would have given us the full retail value of the Jeep.

As you may or may not know, we have been really crunched financially lately.  I have been struggling with the “do I go back to work or not” question for many weeks and every week finding it harder and harder to pay the bills.  Another ongoing cause for distress is that I have been really missing my best friend Kitster more than ever, and she’s been going through it as well.  It seems the more we see each other, the more we feel each other’s absence.  After all these years, I have never met another person who I can be so real with and understands me, and loves me totally and completely unconditionally.  We really need to spend more time together. 

Anyway, leave it up to my Kitster to find a way we can spend time together and I can make money too.  It’s a long story, but I’ll try to summarize a little before I tell you what she came up with.  We both met when we started working for an attorney I’ll call TDR.  She was 21 and I was 15.  She had 2 kids and another on the way, and I was 15 and in vocational school.  TDR took us under his wing and basically, we had a job share situation.  She would work from open till about 2 and I’d work from 3 till about 6 or 7.  We saw each other every once in a while but mainly our friendship started by notes passed back and forth every day.  Then, during the summer I worked all day with her.  I was still a kid in many ways but of course, I wasn’t really the average teenager, I mean, how many 15 year olds work in a law firm and do a damned good job?  Our friendship just blossomed over the first few years.  By the time I was 18 we were very close friends.  A year or so later we acknowledged that we were truly soul mates and had never known anyone like the other.  We’ve been best friends ever since.

I must also tell you that TDR is one of the best attorneys I have ever known.  Actually, the best attorney I have ever known, and I’ve been privileged to know many.  He trained Kitster and I to be pretty much the best legal assistants out there.  He was a stickler for near-perfect work product, and Kitster and I delivered pretty much effortlessly.  It’s just in our blood, this type of work.  TDR was married and his wife was his partner when we first started, and a few years into it, they divorced and she left the firm.  We stayed with him and his firm had a reputation for the best quality in the city.  Not only were we the best small law firm in the city, we had a blast.  Kitster and I made that place a well-oiled machine but you wouldn’t believe the laughter and fun that everyone had.  The place had a spark.

After the split between TDR and his wife, a year or so later, Kitster started dating TDR.  They were really a good match in almost every way.  They have had a relationship since I was 18 and I’m now 33.  They eventually married, back in 2000.  They had a little boy, ChanMan, who is 6 now.  I married my first husband and of course, he spent me to death financially and I ended up having to go to a bigger organization for a job that could pay a bit more because I had to support myself and my husband.  Kitster stayed at the firm for a few years and then was home with ChanMan for a while and has been going to school as well.  Then she got another job, and TDR had other people working there.  He often says it has never been the same there.

Well, Kitster came up with the idea that she and I do some contracting work for TDR because he really needs it right now.  And TDR will probably agree to it because he really needs us to come in and straighten things out in the office and help him with the work load.  Her idea is for me to come to Cincinnati twice a month.  One time I would come during a regular work week for 2 or 3 days, and then I’d come down for a weekend later in the month.  He would pay me as a contractor and cover my gas expense there and back.  I would stay with Kitster while I’m there, so no housing expense.  During the weekday visit I’d bring Lola, and her daughter Lala would watch Lola with her little boy T.  The weekend trip I’d leave her with Princess and pay her for the babysitting when Dad is not at home.  Plus, he may have some work-at-home stuff for me to do here at home.  This would really help me financially, plus I’d get to be with Kitster twice a month for 3 days straight.  6 days a month, I’d get to spend time with my best friend, and get paid.  I think it would fill a need for both of us and it would help me, plus I’d get a child-free break every month and I think that will be good.  PLUS, when I do have Lola with me my sister, brother and Dad can see her and I and that will be good too.  PLUS, I can also make time to see some of my other friends I haven’t seen in a long time (TRACY!!!).  I envision wonderful Gold Star lunches or dinners….

It is a win-win-win situation for me, Kitster and TDR.  I hope he’ll agree.  Right now with the situation being as it is, I’m thinking he may just do it!  Keep your fingers crossed.

And thank you Kitster for even trying to get it to come to pass.  If it doesn’t work out, I’m still gonna come down and see you more often!  I love ya!