Self Condemnation Over.

Current mood: relieved

OK.  Lola seems to be fine, no ill effects from her ingestion today, just a really smelly bowel movement this afternoon. LOL.  She’s actually been in a great mood all day.  ????

And, my BeeGee’s Greatest CD arrived in the mail today.  So Lola and I are bopping around, right now we’re dancing to “Tragedy”. 

Something she’s been saying lately that makes me giggle.  “What are you DOING?”  She says it “Wha are yew Deeew wang?”  It’s really cute.  “Momma, wha’re yew Dewwww wang?”  She’s also been saying “Whad iiizzz dat?”

It’s cute because she asks everyone and everything what it is Dewwww wang.  She woke up from her awesome and restful nap this afternoon to find the cat laying next to her.  The first indication that I have that she is awake is her saying “Hi cat.  Wha are yew dewww wang?”

So she seems fine, the poison control people called an hour after the incident and checked on her.  She said if anything was going to happen it would have happened by then, so she would be fine. 

I feel much better now.  My house is clean, self-condemnation is over, and my baby is dancing like a 70’s disco baby.  Life is good.


Currently listening :
By The Bee Gees
Release date: By 25 October, 1990

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