Self Condemnation Over.

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OK.  Lola seems to be fine, no ill effects from her ingestion today, just a really smelly bowel movement this afternoon. LOL.  She’s actually been in a great mood all day.  ????

And, my BeeGee’s Greatest CD arrived in the mail today.  So Lola and I are bopping around, right now we’re dancing to “Tragedy”. 

Something she’s been saying lately that makes me giggle.  “What are you DOING?”  She says it “Wha are yew Deeew wang?”  It’s really cute.  “Momma, wha’re yew Dewwww wang?”  She’s also been saying “Whad iiizzz dat?”

It’s cute because she asks everyone and everything what it is Dewwww wang.  She woke up from her awesome and restful nap this afternoon to find the cat laying next to her.  The first indication that I have that she is awake is her saying “Hi cat.  Wha are yew dewww wang?”

So she seems fine, the poison control people called an hour after the incident and checked on her.  She said if anything was going to happen it would have happened by then, so she would be fine. 

I feel much better now.  My house is clean, self-condemnation is over, and my baby is dancing like a 70’s disco baby.  Life is good.


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Horrible mother.

So I am cleaning away this morning.  I get the kitchen finished, start the dishwasher, and come in here to the computer for a minute.  Lola was in the kitchen playing with the cats (or so I thought).  Apparently, she pushed the box I had put in there temporarily, over to the dry-erase board, climbed up on the box, reached in the basket where the markers, etc., are held, and grabbed the dry erase board cleaner. 

She appeared at my side, the bottle opened and empty, smacking her lips and saying “Nummy nummy!”

I ran into the kitchen to see if there was any spilled on the floor.  Nothing.  The front of her shirt was not wet.  Her breath smelled like the cleaner, and so did her hands.  I called 911.  Dispatch patched me in with poison control as they sent out the call to the local paramedics and police.  Poison control told me the stuff she had ingested was usually not harmful. They asked me how much I thought she’d had.  The bottle was a 2oz. bottle, and we’d used it quite a bit, so I knew it had to be 1/2 oz or less.  She asked how Lola was doing.  Lola was laughing and playing next to me, so the person could hear she was acting fine.  She was demanding milk and Elmo.  She told me I could give the baby milk.  The main ingredients of the spray she’d ingested were isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and some sort of acetate.  Basically watered down windex. 

The policeman showed up.  He saw the baby was happy and fine.  We discussed what happened, and apparently the poison control person told the dispatch that the paramedics were not necessary at this time.  The poison control lady said she’d call back in an hour to check on the baby. 

I felt so horrible.  I kept thinking, “What does this cop think of me?”  But he has to see that my house is pretty well child-proofed, I mean, I have gates and fences around everything, all my dining chairs are stored in my bedroom to keep her from climbing on the table, and all the electrical plugs are out of reach or have the blocks in them.  However, I turn my back for 5 minutes and this happens.  I just never thought about her climbing the box I had placed in the kitchen.  The last couple of days it’s been there and she’s used it as a table to draw on or place her sippy cup or snack on.  Today, its new use dawned on her.  It is now on my bed until I can find a place to put it, too. 

I know this happens to a lot of moms.  I just feel bad.  It could have been so much worse.  I need to do another once over in the house.  I get the “worst mom” award for the day.

I hate me right now.


Thanking FlyLady….

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I thanked FlyLady earlier, but I thought I’d clarify what I thank her for today.  The TIMER idea.  Timers are good.  My anal retentive nature loves setting the timer for 15 minutes in each room.  I get a lot done in 15 minutes.  I may not be doing my zones per FlyLady but when I do clean the house and use the timer most of my house gets clean quickly.  If I can just get myself to do this every other day or so, we’d be in good shape.

Of course, I have a kid that goes right behind me leaving destruction in her wake, but she’s cute, so I won’t hold it against her.


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Clean, Clean, Clean, Clean, Clean

Current mood: busy

It’s amusing how cleaning always makes me feel better when I’m in a bad mood.  Creating order from chaos makes me feel good.  I should file this away for future reference, under the “Don’t Forget The Therapeutic Effects Of…” file.

Cleanliness is good.  Thank you, FlyLady.


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